Dry Chapped Lips? Try Fresh Sugar Lips Treatment

December 15, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Product Challenge


Ladies and gentle-ladies, I have found the cure for dry chapped lips! Growing up, I always had an obsession with chap sticks. I literally had a lingerie drawer dedicated to just chap sticks that I collected. All the colors of the rainbow of different flavored Lipsmackers and all of the different lip moisturizers of Blistex, smooth lips and all generic brands in between were piled on top of each other.

Seriously, I loved chap stick. To me, I could never get my lips as smooth as I wanted it to be. Even when I applied chap stick when I had dry chapped lips, they would still be peeling and it wasn't attractive. So how could I find a chap stick and not only moisturized my lips in a time of need, but CURE the problem without me having to reapply constantly? Well today is your lucky day and you should be happy to finally read this article, as I'm going to tell you the BEST dry chapped lips cure out there.

fresh sugar lip treatmentAre you ready for it? It's called, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. This product is UH-MAY-ZING! So amazing that I can't even spell "amazing" correctly to express how happy I feel that I've finally found this product. I can finally ditch my drawer of chap stick and narrow it down to one. Now you're going to pay more than what you would normally pay for Blistex or any other chap stick product. But if you're seriously looking for a dry chapped lips cure and you are too lazy or forget to constantly reapply chap stick all the time, then this product is for you.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment can be purchased at any Sephora store. Sephora is also located in some Macy's stores. If not, you can buy it cheaper on amazon or ebay. Wherever you purchase it, get excited about it because it's really something that I really believe in and I know you'll love it!

Fresh Sugar Lips Treatment also makes a great gift to yourself or for someone else for the holidays -- they will be thanking you after they use this product. It comes in different tints so it acts as a chapstick and it gives your lips that healthy tint. According to my girlfriends, Fresh products like their facial cleansers are also supposed to be really good. Keep in mind that these products aren't cheap and they hardly go on sale. But when you find something that works, it is going to have so much more value to you.

Checkout Fresh's entire line of products:

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