Skechers Shape Ups Shoes: Product Review

June 24, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Product Challenge


***************UPDATE TO POST****************

So, my business partner Ly is in town and she needed comfortable, but cute shoes. She is usually guilty of wearing her sneakers with everything. For that reason, she'd have to stick to wearing t-shirts and jeans most of the time. Ly needed my help, but I didn't want to take her away from comfort for fashion since I knew she would revert back to her old gym shoe ways. So, I thought, Skechers Mary Janes are super comfortable. I had a pair and I wore them to death. I had a manager who only wore Skechers Mary Janes and she had them in every color to match her dressy work clothes. They worked out well for her, so I knew my friend Ly should fall in love.

Well, on the way to dinner, we stopped off at a Skechers store and tried on all of the Mary Janes they had available. There was a video playing in the background of really toned women walking their dogs and I thought, "Why is this playing at a Skechers store?" Well, it turns out, they have these new shoes called "Shape Ups". After inquiring about the shoes, the sales girl explained, "Shape Ups are the best to tighten and tone your muscles and get rid of cellulite just by walking around". I am all about a good workout, so I had to try these supposed "miracle" shoes on. Immediately, I felt my calves and thighs working and I was sold. It didn't take much, I know. I'm going to New York next month, so can you imagine walking around New York in these? I'll come back with the body of superwoman!

Now keep in mind, you'll have to ease into walking in these shoes. They'll feel weird at first and your body will be sore for the first 2 weeks, as you're working different muscles you wouldn't normally work. It's the kind of soreness you feel after a really good workout at the gym. So stick to it and don't give up on them. Besides the soreness, these shoes are really cushy and comfortable on your feet. Shape Ups come in a variety of styles including regular tennis shoes, mary janes and flip flops. I tried on the flip flops and while they are comfortable, I didn't think they were "miracle" flip flops. It's great if you want to get a taste of the "Shape Ups" as they're only $39, while the tennis shoes and mary janes are $110. I know. Kind of pricy. But, they are amazing! With busy lives and excuse after excuse for not to go to the gym, I think these would be a good investment, especially if you're too busy to get in your daily workout. Call Ly and I easy, but we each got a pair of the Shape Up Black Mary Janes. We spent a little more than anticipated, but right now at Skechers, it's buy one get a pair of sandals half off (also super comfortable), or buy one get another pair of shoes $10 off.

If you're sold on Shape Ups, but looking for a better deal, they're also on ebay for $80 - $90 with free shipping. Shape Ups are so new right now, I don't think you'll be able to find a better deal. I'll keep you posted for any coupon codes that I may stumble upon!

Here's the video on Shape Ups -- I love these shoes!

***************UPDATE TO POST****************


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  1. Patricia Mc. says:

    I have 2 pairs! Black mary janes (although mine look different from the ones you picture above)…and some cute black & white tennis ones which go with most of my girly outfits. ;) I do a lot of walking to / from work…and on campus for school. The comfort level alone is worth it…the extra ‘burn’ I get in my legs and back side are a bonus. Who knew a shoe could do all this? hope you get as much use out of yours as i do.


    • Dale says:

      OMG #XX!

      Do not buy these shoes! I am a fit fellow, thought these shoes were cool. 5 months later and I now have two blown knees! Seriously! Do I need to say more?
      Bottom line, always do your research before any purchase. When I purchased this was the last thing I would have expected as I “logic” of the shoes made sense to me at the time of purchase.

      • Mary says:

        OMG, I have never had knee pain. Barely wore them and now the pain wont stop. Scarey because I have no medical insurance and no idea what to do for the pain

        • Barb says:

          I agree! I have 3 pr of shape ups- 2 of which I had worn with no problems, but then I got these cute mary janes and in about 3 weeks I did major damage to my knee. I am now waiting to see a specialist to see what needs to be done to fix my possibly torn maniscus and/or deranged knee. I like others have sucky insurance so this will be an expensive mistake (besides the price of the shoes) I wonder if there is something defective with the mary jane style….

          • Glory says:

            I liked the idea of these shoes but they irritated a pre-existing foot condition. After I quit wearing them, I noticed that my knee kept hyperextending and became quite painful. Now I hear from a fitness instructor that many of her students have had hyperextension problems with their knees after wearing these shoes. Use with caution!

      • Alexandria Adams says:

        I agree these shoes are harmful and not helpful. I have never had foot problems in my life until I bought and started wearing these shoes. I am not only having foot problems but knee, leg, and back pain. My doctor said she feels it is without a doubt these shoes.

      • Dee says:

        I just have to say, I have no pre excisting medical problems. I am a vegan and I haven’t had any physical problems in years. I bout the shape-up sketchers in february because I stand on my feet at work for 40 hours a week. I was mislead by the advertizments. After 3 months i’ve had severve heal problems, it is painful when I’m standing on them ever since I wore the sketchers. I threw them away after reading these reveiws thus confirming the fact that they do very much harm to your feet. I will not purchase any thing from Sketchers ever again.

      • Nora says:

        Wow! I thought these Avi-motions rocker style shoes were great, I thought they got rid of my plantar fasciitis on my feet but now after 3 months I have really bad hyper extension of my knees! I have always had great knees and now I can’t sleep at night due to the pain, have spent about $600 at chiropractors, rolfling and massage! Am trying to take it easy and have trouble with exercise now. Do not buy these rocker shoes! Reebok shoe company just had a class action suit against them for claims they made. But I don’t think it covers medical bills. I hope I could find others who have had problems with the Avi-motion shoes? I am so sad that I got fooled and now have major knee issues.

    • Diane says:

      I have been wearing Sketcher’s Shape Ups for about a year and half now. I have three different pair of the tennis shoe style. Up until a few months ago I loved them. Now I have pain in my right knee every night while sleeping. It wakes me up it is so painful. Never had an issue until now. Sounds like it could be these shoes!!!!!!

  2. rebecca says:

    I have a pair of the white mary janes! I agree with Patricia, the comfort level is fantastic! I just don’t want to take them off!
    I work for a UK stockist of them and they are so popular after just a week since their launch! I think they will be quickly taking over MBTs!

  3. viola valastral says:

    I have tried the Skechers Shape-ups and I must worn those with arthritic knees to think twice before wearing these. I wore mine about 6 times for a total period of about 75 minutes and started noticing my knees and leg muscles were bothering me. I ended up on crutches and have been unable to walk on my own for 2 weeks now. My rheumatologist told me that the sole of the shoe was causing my knees to super-extend causing exacerbation of my knee problems.
    I read reviews before I bought the Shape-ups but no one mentioned the arthritis factor. Please print this so others who have arthritis do not have to suffer as I have been. Thank you.

    • sandra shaw says:

      OMG…I am so thankful that I found your comments. I thought I broke my knees, after wearing the shape ups for one week both of my knee blew out. I can hardly walk. I hope I can get a refund!!!

      • S Walston says:

        I’ve tried off and on to wear my Shape ups only to have worse knee pain- the reason I purchased them was to help get rid of the knee pain. Did you have any luck getting a refund??

    • sygrady says:

      I bought my sketchers because of heel pain. I work on my feet 12 hours a day and now I am haveing severe knee pain and swelling. I can hardly walk. Had to go see an orthopedic surgon today to get an injection for the pain and swelling. I have lost 2 days of work so far and that is equal to 24 hours. Also I have been having lower back pain lately. So I am ditching my sketchers and buying some new shoes.
      FYI sketchers may not be for everyone and certaintly not for me.

      • T. McBride says:

        After wearing these shoes ( i have the slip resistant ones for working) for 8 hrs a day 5 days a week…my knees are about ready to blow out. I do have arthritis, and at first couldnt wear these shoes for more then 2 hrs. Then i thought my high arches were the issue, so i bought arch supports- expensive ones- and the problem was i thought resolved. about a month later this all over foot and knee pain came back, and with my inserts I can change the firmness of the arch supports so i tried the three different levels of support ( they are dr scholls- very good if anyone interested and needs flexible arch support)…but to no avail. In the last week bad went to worse as my knees started to randomly blow out every now and then and pop in and out of place. the pain all over is back, and its not worth any of the toned muscles. These shoes gave me nice calf muscles but my knees have gone to @($& and I had to go out today to buy new slip resitant shoes…not cheap. So my advice to Knee and Foot Arthritis sufferers…these shoes are not for you!!! to everyone else, they do what they say they will and do give results to ur muscles. if you are unsure definatly ask your doctor before spending the money. I now wish i had.

  4. Sharon says:


    • bill jones says:

      yeah right… who at the factory wrote this? SHAPE UPS ARE BAD FOR THE KNEES!!!

    • Mary Kolleng says:

      I have had a lower back problem and arch problems until I purchased a pair of skecher shape-ups. They are miracle shoes for me! I have worn them everyday for the past 2 years and I have not had my usual lower back pain that would keep me off work-in fact, when I am walking around the house without them and start to feel the pressure in my lower back, I put them on and the pain is gone within the hour never to return. I do not experience any knee problems at all-in fact, they are the only shoes I can wear all day and my feet feel like they just stepped of a cloud… I am sooooooo glad I bought them and will continue to wear them as long as they keep my pain away..

    • Kimberly says:

      You MUST be paid to say this!!!!!!! I am a fit for life 52 year old woman..or so I thought. Bought these shoes and heaven knows there is no warning about wearing them short periods of time on the box, nothing about rolling your foot….just here are your shoes, we got our money, you have bad knees for life. I am recently returned from a vacation and need to stay at work but really need to rest my damaged knee. Unimaginable they could reap profits while blowing out people’s knees and live with themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Starbuck says:

    Can anyone who’s actually used these tell me how they compare the new Reebok EasyTone? they seem similar, have similar claims, but before I spend the money I’d like to hear other’s opinions. Thanks so much!

    • share says:

      I’m on here because I have a pair of runtones (reebok) and I have a really sore glute muscle and was wondering if the shoe is making it worse. I wouldn’t spend the money if I had it to do over again. They are heavy and difficult to run far in. Haven’t noticed any difference in my legs or butt (except the pain which came from kick boxing. lol) Still-wouldn’t waste my money. good luck.

  6. Mandi says:

    I LOVE these shoes. I’ve had mine since Christmas, and I’ve worn them almost every day! I’ve been writing a week by week review on my blog, and I am so impressed. I can already see a difference in my legs and butt, and I have less pain in my hips and back. I have been so happy with the results, I can’t wait to see what I think in another month!

  7. nicole t says:

    My low back discomfort improved after wearing Shape Ups but I did start to have a lot of issues with my right knee that I never had before. I have been trying to do some research to see if it could be related to the shoes. Interesting to see a few others had issues also.

    • Cindi says:

      Yes, knee, leg pain severe. Only the work skid free shoes. Tennis ones were fine. Few people at work with same shoe has same problem. Severe pain.

  8. Kristie says:

    I loved these shoes except right after I purchased them and wore them for a few hours I noticed that I was walking inward on my right foot. Even though I tried to walk on the outside of my feet it alwyas brought me back to walking with my knees turned in (so it felt). After wearing them for about four weeks or so (to work and all around) I felt I should stop wearing them and see if the store would take them back as it had to be a defect in the sole or something. OMG!! The pain I have had in my knees is excrutiating pain. Sometimes I can bearly walk and it has been nearly a week. The pain is contant and started as soon as I stopped weraing the shoes. Can anyone explain why this would happen. I don’t have arthiritis or any trouble normally with my joints. This has to be from the shoes…..I am going to take them back.

  9. Gail says:

    I am on my 2nd round of breaking in my skechers. I bought them because I heard such wonderful stories about them, I even watched the video and followed what they said. Soon i started to have killer leg cramps like never before. Didn’t think it was the Skechers but i did stop wearing them for a couple of week now I went back to the “breakin” mood! For the last two nights I am right back to the worst leg cramps ever!!! I do love the shoes they are Soooo comfy and my feet feel great while i am wearing them. But i can’t afford to trade of one problem with another, anybody have any suggestions!!!! thx

  10. Sandie says:

    I bought them because I thought they might help my circulation and maybe with the restless legs. I was very delightfully surprised they actually did and restless legs is not one of their claims.I have not had restless legs since I got them. However they are aggravating an old knee injury, I’m sure it must be the shoes, because that is when it started to bother me again after 25 years.

  11. Pat Breitenbach says:

    Amen, my left knee has been bothering me for the past month. A slight irritation became a major concern and I now have severe pain in my knee and can hardly bend it. Not knowing what brought it on, couldn’t recall any bumps or falls, I thought it might be related to the Sketchers I purchased for my daily walks about a month ago. Searching “knee problems walking with Sketcher shoes” brought me to this website and I am convinced the shoes are the source of my knee problem. I purchased my shoes from Dick’s after seeing them on display one day. When I returned the following day to purchase them, the display was down but they found a pair for me in the back. The salesman didn’t know why the display was down or if they were going to continue selling them. Perhaps, Dick’s had too many returns due to similar complaints and decided to pull them.

  12. HeelShields says:

    I bought the Avia Avi-Motions, which are the same concept and my friend bought MBT’S. I haven’t had any problems with my shoes, however, my friends ended up with a sore knee. Maybe there should be a caution added to the shoes that if you have any leg/knee problems to be careful with the ‘natual walking style shoes and flip flops.’

  13. Lillian Thurston says:

    I am a senior citizen and have been suffering from hip pain recently and wonder if the shoes could have caused this. I love the shoes but am not going to wear them for a while.

    • Leigh says:

      I wore my shape ups for approximately six weeks and now have a leg and lower back problem that never existed before. My Chiropractor discouraged their use. When I first wore them, they were the most comfortable shoes although I noticed my feet tilting slightly inward. Like the comment above “it happened all of the sudden” when my right leg started hurting me progessing to my hip bone and back. I have not worn them for about six weeks. Two chiropractic visits later for therapy on my leg and back; the problem is better, but still present.

      • Jackie says:

        I wore my shoes for about 6 months. At first I loved them because I am on my feet all day and my feet felt wonderful. I started having back pain and numbness in my legs and groin area. I now have a lower sciatica problem according to my chiropractor. I have never had back problems in my life and now at age 32 I am having severe back pain because of these shoes. This is the first time I have ever been to a chiropractor and now I am a regular. I have been going for 3 weeks and am currently still in pain. I hate these shoes and would love to start a class action law suit with all the people who are having problems because the company cant even give me a refund for the shoes.

        • Michele says:

          I’d be interested in an action of some sort. These shoes are expensive and I can’t use them now because of the knee condition that I have developed. Can’t get my money back for the shoes and I have incurred several hundred dollars more in medical bills because of the use of these shoes. By the way, both the physical therapist and chiropractor that I have seen recommend strongly against the use of these types of shoes.

        • I bought these shoes for my daughter for Christmas last year. She has worn them to work everyday since she got them. Now she has severe calf pain when she tries to walk or jog for exercise, even when not wearing the shoes. The only thing we can figure out that is causing this pain is the Skecher Shape Ups. She is going to quit wearing them at all and see what happens. Sounds like class action suit to me!

        • Sherry says:

          I bought my shape-ups at the beginning of the year. I loved them so much that i bought a pair of the mary janes for “dress-up.” I have monster bone spurs on the back of my heels and the shoes helped the pain tremendously. I also had problems with the pain in the bend of my knees after I had done a lot of walking. This too stopped. However, in July, I began to have pain in my right leg and my foot was numb. After a couple of weeks, my doctor decided that I was probably having some nerve problems with my back. I have stopped wearing the shoes and gone back to a pair of regular Skechers. The problem is much better but my foot is still experiencing some numbness and at times I cannot flex it. Now my other leg is bothering me, probably from having to favor my left leg for so long. I really think it was the shoes.

        • Krish says:

          first of all..Thanks to this website to meet people..

          I wore shapeups for about 3 to 4 days and I noticed that I was walking inward on my right foot. Even though I tried to walk on the outside of my feet .

          some times these shoes are ok…some times they are forcing me to walk inward on my right foot.

          it seems…these shoes are causing some issue rather than toning…

          please advise and let me know if any one of you have same problem like this

          • Tony says:

            Yeh I am having the same promlem but both shoes are forcing me to walk on the inside of me feet, causing pain in my ankles. Like everone else I wish I saw this site before I purchaced these. £70 down the drain.

        • Nicol says:

          I have purchased the shape ups in the beginning of September and wore them every day for work. I have had chronic lower back pain that I have been dealing with for some time now, and prior to my purchase had noticed pain in my heels as well. I was excited to try out the shape ups since couple of my friends had them and swore by them. Well, it’s been about 2 months of wearing them daily. I don’t notice my lower back pain due to my newly developed severe sciatica problem which I never had before. I am in excruciating pain, on medication, in and out of chiropractors and RMT’s almost every day is costing me $50+ dollars for pain treatments which have not even helped me yet. I started thinking that maybe it’s the shoes causing this pain and talked to someone last night who said they totally messed up her knee. I took them off last night and will not wear them again! I am convinced my sciatica happened due to these shoes! I am 38 years old and I walked hunched over because I cannot straighten my legs without a shooting pain all the way down to my heals! I wish I never bought them!!! If my problems go away I am so very much on board with the law suit!

          • T. McBride says:

            EVERYone THERE HAS BEEN A CLASS ACTION SUIT FILEd IN CALIFORNIA AGAINST SKECHERS USA, Becasue there headquarters is located there. so apparently they are technically belonging to the state of california. here is a link to the class action suit.
            i coudlnt find one for skechers canada, for those of you like me who are from canada. We might not be able to join in this one.

          • Georgia Lujan says:

            If there is a class action suit against Skechers, I would consider being part of it. I say ‘consider’ because I am not 100% sure my problems are due to Skechers but after reading these posts, I am more inclined to think that they are.

            I notice that my right foot turns inward when I wear my Skecher Shape Ups. I have tried to place it flat on the ground but the sole prevents me from doing that. After wearing these shoes, the pain in my right glute, my right hip and my right thigh is bad – extending down as far as my right knee. The pain is really bad while I’m wearing the shoes but it is 100% worse when I’m trying to sleep. Apparently the pain increases in a lying position. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM???? I am wondering if I’m the only one experiencing this or if it is common for the pain to increase in a lying position.

            I thought I was experiencing sciatica but I think sciatica pain travels from the buttocks, down the back on your leg. My pain travels down the side of my leg and it’s only on one side – my right side.

            I live in California and noticed there may be a class action suit in California. If I can pinpoint this pain to Skecher Shape Up shoes, then I will definitely participate in the suit.

            Can anyone offer any suggestions or comment on the same problems? If so,I would certainly appreciate it.

          • Holly Ward says:

            My skechers shape-ups injuries:
            My MRI revealed that I had fractures in both femoral necks. My hip/groin/thigh pain became so bad that I couldn’t sleep either. Laying down hurt so badly, that I spent my nights in the recliner. Also, I could barely walk, as each first step was like I was being shocked. After surgery, recovery, rehab and much physical therapy, I’m sharing this info because many of you are describing similar pain from shape-ups.

        • Rach says:

          I bought a pair of shape ups about a month ago from a closing down sale. I work in a cafe and am on my feet 9-10 hours a day. I thought from the claims that the company makes they would be comfortable to stand in all day as I was having a lot of trouble with sore feet and legs in my regular shoes.
          After less than 2 weeks wearing them all day 5 days a week a began to notice pain in both knees although worse in the left. After dancing one day for a couple of minutes which I have done quite regularly for a long time, I found myself unable to walk or put any weight on my left knee. I have now been on crutches with a torn medial meniscus (cartelidge in the knee) for the past two weeks with at least two more to go.
          I had a feeling that the problem was caused by my shapeups so I began to ask questions and look up problems with these shoes. I can not believe how many people have similar problems.
          I will never wear them again and I would encourage any one considering buying them to do as much research as possible before putting them on.

    • jain says:

      i’ve been wearing the shape ups for about a year…my hips and lower back, terible legs cramps, have gotten to the point, i am seeing a pain management..never connected the skeetchers with my problems as i have osteoarthritis to begin with, but it has gotten much worse….any suggestions…bought mine thru fingerhut , so don’t think i can return them….

  14. Darlene says:

    Wish I’d seen this before I bought mine. My right knee blew up like a balloon after wearig these–also, aggravating an old knee issue. Wasted money.

  15. Vicki says:

    I’m glad I finally found this listing… I was so excited when I bought my shape ups, I’m on my feet all day for work and they’re so cushy.. I had three coworkers that had bought them that recomended them to me and I figured i’ld give em a shot… I wore them for six weeks and was mostly happy, then one day out of nowhere I had the worse knee pain or pain i’ld ever had… I couldn’t bend my knee without pain, when I walked my knee actually gave out on me… I’m normally very active, I run, I work out, take good care of myself, but suddenly I couldn’t even go up a few stairs without being in excrutiating pain… I decided to stop wearing my sketchers, that was six weeks ago…MY KNEE STILL HURTS… It’s not as bad as it was at first, but I still haven’t got back to running… I’m going to go see my doctor soon, I don’t know how much more of this I can take and I seriously hope there is some sort of legal action against sketchers… I know they are great for some people, but i’m begining to wonder if I’ll ever have my lifestyle back….

    • Renee Copperman says:

      Bought Shape Ups. True, no warnming about arthritic knee sufferers. Never felt comfortable because of “wobbly” sensation but persuasive ads and word of mouth persuaded me to keep trying. Walking at regular pace Christmas day, turned around when someone behind me called, and, due to lack of lateral stability, fell and broke hip. ER physician said there have been many injuries with Shape Ups, and, with arthritic knees has seen many exacerbations of previous injuries and onset of new problems in all ages, not just seniors. Considering litigation. I know there is a deceptive advertising law suit, but is there an action pending for injury compensation? Would welcome responses to

  16. Brandy says:

    I only wore my sketchers for one day and I have excrutiating pain in my right knee now, hopefully it goes away I noticed lower back pain as well. As someone said above I noticed when I wore them my knees were turned in. I have wanted a pair forever and I hope I just didn’t waste my money and destroy my knee.

  17. Cookie says:

    I’ve worn them to work for six months now…..loved them! But now my knee is painful and swells out the back. I wore other shoes for a while to work and then my knee got better. I wore the skechers again and the knee swelled and hurt again. I think my knee is hyperextending a little in thar and I’m developing a baker’s cyst as a result. It’s a shame because I loved the shoes, but I can’t afford to have knee problems. I have to be able to stand on it to work.

    • LInda says:

      A Baker’s cyst is related to having excess synovial fluid in the knee joint. That extra frluid needs to “go some place” and a sack-like cyst develops. When your knee joint gets swollen with too much fluid IN the joint [this is different than when the whole knee is puffy and swollen] fluid moves into that sack and you notice the cyst. It can be painful. Elevate the knee, The shoe could be aggravating a problem, more fluid collects, the Baker’s cyst grows larger.

  18. Donna R. D says:

    In the beginning when I wore them for only a couple of days, my feet & knees started to hurt. I wanted to make sure it was not anything else. So I waited for three weeks and tried them again. I wore them for three days around the house, they felt good while wearing them. When I took them off s my right knee hurt so bad I could not bear the pain. It hurt so bad that night I could not sleep. It has been a week and it still hurts, I am wondering if it has seriously messed up my knee. My other knee has a little bit of pain in it.
    So much for working out and trying to stay in shape. I feel like I have to sit as much as possible, hoping it will soon get better.

  19. Jessica says:

    I have been having problems with my knees again recently. I bought these shoes to help with my bad knees. I hate to think the shoes have brought this pain back. My doctor has now diagnosed me with knee asteoarthritis and thinks I need surgery. I find out about that on the 27th of July. Will they take these shoes back and is there some kind of legal action we can take? I bought two pairs!!!

  20. Ginny Wind says:

    After purchasing my Shape-Ups, I wore them for about 4 consecutive days, almost all day. I did not experience any problems with knee pain or calf pain. What did happen though is on the 4th day, I began to experience lower back pain. The next day, I didn’t wear the Shape-Ups, but one of my discs in my lower back ruptured. My life will never be pain free again! I did have a bulging disc in my lower back prior to the rupture. I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced anything like this? I am just trying to figure out what led to the rupture and I am suspecting that it could possibly be the Shape-Ups perhaps making me stand in a way that ruptured the disc. Any feedback would be appreciated!

    • Cheryl says:

      I have worn these shape ups for about 6 months pretty consectutive and now I’m in severe back pain mode…..I have 3 lower back bulging disk and am now thinking these shoes have caused this issue after reading all the blogs……I’ve never had back pain before….

    • Carol says:

      I bought my Sketchers several months ago and thought they were extremely comfortable except for the feeling of tipping over and the stumbling on carpet. But now after several months of wearing them I too am experienceing extreme lower back and hip pain. I have been to my regular physician, referred to a Rehab physician and have had weeks of physical therapy. I asked all of them if the shoes could be the problem since it started after purchasing the shoes and they all replied no. After reading this post I now am certain that the Sketchers are the problem. I am going to stop wearing them immediately and hope I can get rid of this extreme pain in my sacrum area.

  21. Pepe says:

    I just bought my first pair of Shape-Ups. I’ve only worn them around the house for about 30 minutes at a time. I do have a slightly torn maniscus in my right knee. I have notice a slight discomfort while I’m wearing them but not enough to really complain about. I was hoping that the Sketchers would actually help with any kind of knee problems.

    After reading the many posting regrding knee and back problems I’m afraid to keep the shoes. I have one more week to return them and get a full refund. What really worries me is that some of these postings state that the problems didn’t show up until several months later. I would like to keep them because they are really comfortable but I don’t want problems down the road or be out $100 bucks.

    I would appreciate any advise, Thanks.

  22. Jeanne says:

    I have a pair of Skecher’s Shape Ups and a pair of Fitflops, I bought both a month or six weeks ago. Though I’m sure I have knee problems due to excess weight now and being a scrappy teenager then, I have not had any knee pain and actually have experienced stronger leaner legs – the soreness I felt over the past few years in my right knee and ankle has virtually disappeared. I have been experiencing low back pain, a nagging, dull pain that is persistent. I have gone several days without wearing either pair of footwear, but the pain has remained. I see my doctor in a few weeks; I hope the pain is gone by then.

  23. Mara says:

    I’ve been wearing my Sketchers Shape-ups every day for the last fifteen days- they’re great for work, where I stand all day- no more foot pain! I walk at least three miles every night- and I make sure to follow the instructions- keeping my feet parallel and looking straight forward. I have not had any joint trouble, be it knee or otherwise. I think it’s very important to pay attention to the directions and keep your feet parallel instead of pointing inward.

    I’ve lost ten pounds in two weeks- from 232lbs to 222lbs which is great, I’m on a diet that budgets calories to lose three pounds a week- and I think the walking with these shoes has bumped it up by burning of an extra two pounds a week through the exercise.

    It’s a lot less painful to walk for that hour each night, especially after work, and the shoe seems to help propel me forward.

    Great shoe- but yeah, you have to be conscious of your movement, and your general health. It’s probably less likely to injure someone under a certain weight than over and they DO warn you to take your time getting used to them. Moderation!

  24. Michele says:

    I began wearing my Shape-Ups in April 2010 and within a couple of weeks developed right knee pain. I have been in physical therapy since early June and the knee problem, although somewhat better, is still there. Both the physical therapist and chiropractor that I have seen recommend against the use of the Shape-Up shoes. The physical therapist said that they cause hyperextension of the knees. Wish I’d known that before I spent the $100.00 on the shoes. The cost of medical bills that I’ve paid this summer because of the shoes is much more than the $100.00 cost of the shoes. Has anyone contacted Skechers about the problems that they have developed after wearing their shoes?? Curious as to what their response would be.

  25. robyn melton says:

    I bought a pair of skeechers and the tongue come unsewed.What should i do about it?

  26. Eva says:

    I have worn my Sketchers 3 times and about 2 weeks ago I woke up from a nap in excrutiating right knee pain and wasnt able to stand on my right foot. My right knee felt like it was broke, the pain radiated down to my foot and up to my hip. Since I could not tolerate this God awful pain, I ended up in the ER. 6 X-rays later, an ultrasound to rule out a blood clots, and an EKG just in case (and several 100′s of dollars in medical bills) I found that the pain was caused by my Sketchers. I also found that when wearing my Sketchers, I walk with my right foot inward. 2 weeks later I am still in pain, not as intense as before but bad enough where I had to walk on crutches for days. I can tell you that I’d much rather give natural childbirth to a set of twins again before I would ever wear those shoes from hell again. I am soooooooo upseat with Sketchers, how come there is no warning label on these shoes??? I NEVER had a problem with my knees, nor my hip, before wearing Shape-ups. If ANYONE is thinking about a class action lawsuit, I promise that I will most certainly join.

    • Marie says:

      I said the same thing…. I felt they should come with a warning lable… I am glad someone else feels the same way as me and that I am not the only one… =0)

  27. R. Lambert says:

    I am a bit overweight, and have had knee problems prior to owning shape ups.

    I purchased a pair of sketchers and loved the way they felt, and actually thought they were helping my knees. However after several months of working at the office in them, and walking some,my knee problems multiplied. I have been advised by my Dr. that I will have to have both knees replaced. I am in no way blaiming sketchers for my upcoming knee surgery, however after not wearing them , my knee pain is much less when walking. I put my sketchers back on this morning only to immediately notice pain in both knees just below the knee caps. It seems as though the sketchers actually cause hyperextension of the knees which is unnoticed by a person with healthy knees, however my sensitive knees pick up on it immediately. form your own opinion.

  28. Julie says:

    On my 3rd day now wearing shape ups and also on my 3rd day of severe low back pain. I’m a healthy person who exercises regularly, and I must say that these shoes are killing my back. Will go back to my Reebok running shoes. Shape Ups are not for everybody.

    • Marie says:

      I wore the shoes for three weeks with no problem, then I bent over to wash my face in the sink one morning and my lower back blew out….. I am in pretty good shape, but I was in great pain for 2 weeks and could not walk very well or drive a car for 3 days. My doc said it was the shoes changing my spinal alinment and that this may happen again if I wear the shoes for long periods of time.

  29. Carolyn says:

    I wore my shape-ups for about two weeks when I started experiencing pain in my right foot, like a cramp in the arch. I stopped wearing them for about a month to see if something else might be the cause. Finally the pain went away, so I decided to try them again. I wore them for two more days and the pain returned much worse than it was before. Almost two months later and the pain is getting progressively worse and more consistent, even though I stopped wearing them completely. I contacted Skechers US (I am Canadian but purchased them in the US) and they refused to help me, saying I must contact Skechers Canada. I know where that will get me. I now have chronic pain. These shoes are horrible.

  30. Van says:

    Had the shape ups for 3 weeks and now becasue of the narrow bottom of the shoe will be out of work for 3-6 weeks. My podiatrist said I had a possible stress fracture and a severe sprain. I would not recommend these shoes to anyone and would join any class action law suit to recoup all my losses.

  31. Alina ali says:

    I brought these shoes on the first day and I tried then and I loved it. I feel think the knee and back pain after trying the shoes mean the shoes are working and we should wear them until we see the complete results.

  32. MAUREEN says:

    I am so happy that I came to this sight. I am 59 yrs old and enjoy walking so I purchased a pair of Sketchers and I have had so much pain in my right knee and left hip that I never had before. Will go back to my NewBalance walking shoes. Thanks so much for all the comments so I finally realized it wasnt just me!!!!!!!

  33. Trish says:

    I just bought my Shape-Ups three days ago. Wore them around the house briefly, no problem. Went for a short walk in them yesterday, now my right knee is hurting! After reading other people’s comments here, I’m pretty worried that I’ve damaged my knee! I wonder if I should return them….

  34. marie says:

    I purchased the shape up walkers. Comfortable and cushiony I am new to walking, and walk 50-60 minutes a day. Same road same time every day. I only wear them when I do my walking. After my daily walk I wear my regular naturlizer shoes. Indeed I too felt the soreness not pain thoughout my legs, and low bumpy. Yes!! I thought I MIGHT look like the girls on the Shape ads (smile). No issues the first 2 weeks, then i notice pain not soreness in my left heel. Even hours after took of my shape ups, I still feel it. to the point i dont want to be on my feet. It take a few seconds to really get used to the pain when i do stand it.. I love my shapes-up they get me to walker faster. I hope there is a remedy for it. Has anyone else experience heel issues?

  35. sandra says:

    Shape-ups undoubtedly seemed to aggrevate an old knee injury that I had surgery on. After straining the knee again, I wanted to give them a try. I wore them for 2 weeks. However,if low back pain is an issue for you, give them a try!!

  36. jane lusk says:

    i broke my left ankle in three places and my leg, also have a severe sprain in right ankle. I was wearing the sketchers shape ups and i truly believe that the shoes caused this damanged.

    • Jolly Holly says:

      I also broke my leg, my femur, and not 1, but both of them :( because of these stupid shoes!!!!
      Lawyers are representing injury victims now!!! Go to their website:

  37. adrienne says:

    HI, I bought my sketchers shape ups last year and only wore them occasionally. Recently, I began wearing 4 days in a row. I’m an avid walker and walk almost every day for 4 miles. My friend and I walked for 4 consecutive days and I have major back pain. I could not sleep. Now I contacted sketchers to ask if I can return them and they said I have to go to the original store where I purchased them. I’m gong to contact the store but I purchased them a while age, I doubt they will take them back. At least I know it isn’t only me, since I’ve read many back pain complaints. What can we do?

  38. donnie laney says:

    I bought the sketcher shape up cause they where cheaper than the mbt’s I bought awhile back. I thought after I had tried them on in the store that they would work well for me. I seem to walk with both my feet inwards when I walk and my husband said I look that way when I am walking in them. I have tried to get adjusted to them to no avail. I decided I would go back to my mbt’s cause I don’t like walking funny in those sketchers.

  39. Irene says:

    My husband and I bought sketchers for use while we were on 5 weeks vacation this summer. I stopped wearing mine after two days because my knees and back hurt. My husband worse his even tho he started feeling pain. Since is a cancer-back surgery survivor and was in such pain, his doctor diagnosed a Bone Scan, Xray & MRI to find out why he had excruiating back and hip pain. None of these showed a problem. Two months in, he is starting to feel better. NEVER BUY THESE.

    • Cathy says:

      OMG! I’m so glad I found this site – I purchased the ‘dr. scholl’s are you gelin’ which are very similar to the sketchers. I was so happy! they are so comfortable, wore them 1/2 day Friday, all day Saturday (walked the dog in them) and Sunday. I was ‘sore’ on Monday it felt like a good workout at the gym kind of sore….but on Tuesday, OMG! the knee pain was so bad i could BARELY WALK. and I am on tough ‘pain resistent’ person….the pain was so intense I heard crackling and omg I am now sure it is not just me, it’s these ‘tone your legs while walking’ shoes!! Hopefully the word gets out and something can be done to stop people from wasting their money!

  40. Douglas6 says:

    These shes are great for HEALTHY NON Senior CITIZENS!!!!!

    My mom bought these today and she is a 64 yr old waitress…

    I will give an update in a week or so….

  41. Tony says:

    I have had severe knee problems since wearing these shoes….I have been to have an MRI and now my doctor tells me that I have a slight tear in the miniscus….am seeing an orthopedic surgeon on Monday… anyone considering a law suit against this company?
    Please email me at

  42. Angie says:

    I go to school on the weekdays and work as a server fri. satur. and sundays. I started feeling pain in my right knee every weekend after i came home. i didnt think much of it until the pain only came after wearing the shape ups. this really suck now i have to go to a doctor because the pain is not going away :( thanks shape ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  43. Angie says:

    i think we have a good law suit. honestly 99% of these comments are concerning some sort of problem. i dont know im only 19 tho so i cant do anything about it lol good luck whoever pursue it.

  44. Ali says:

    Glad to see there are more of you out here with knee injuries from these shoes. I’ve worn these shoes for almost 3 months. I wear them everyday for work. 2 weeks ago I did something to my knee while wearing them and I couldn’t walk for about a week. I am still in a lot of pain but lucky can walk with a limp. I didn’t do anything different from my normal everyday activity. I went to the doctors they took me off work for a few days and I have an MRI scheduled soon. This is all bad news for me if I end up needing surgery. I work as a waitress, I do not have medical insurance and I can not afford for this to happen. I live in NYC where walking is a huge part of your life. I am so angry this happened. Sorry, just had to vent.

  45. Julie says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I was going to buy a pair of these, but after reading this review of all that these shoes have caused ppl, I will NOT purchase a pair. However, my sisters have bought them and said they were sore from them and they loved them. I’m wondering if any problems will show up for them as well. I’m VERY certain that these are made in CHINA. I will not buy anything from China had to many bad experiences buying things, made in China.However, it all comes back to them being developed by someone in United States BUT, made in China. I don’t trust anything made in China anymore when they tried to put a additive in our pets food a few yrs ago that killed Millions of dogs and cats. I say class action suit for all you that have suffered, Get it started now and thanks for getting the word out!

  46. Adele says:

    I have to say…. I’ve been wearing my shape-ups for a few days now and even though I do have a tiny bit of lower back pain, I can really feel the effect they are having on my bum muscles. They ache slightly – which means the trainers are working.
    I am sorry to hear about all the knee problems people are having… but I do think it seems to mainly affect people who have had problems prior to using the shoes. Which is why, they should come with a warning. But for those of us with no problems, I don’t think we should panic. We should give them a chance and enjoy them…. along with our newly toned legs and bums! :)

  47. Bharat Godha says:

    I am fan of sketchers shoes. But the sketchers shape ups shoes is not what they claim in their ads. I wore the shoes for three weeks and injured both of my ankles. Living with pain since then. I know my injuries are due to these sketchers shape up shoes.
    I am regular with my workouts, however falled pray to their ads.

  48. Tammy says:

    I purchased the sketcher shape ups over the holiday vacation in PA loved them have worn them a few weeks and now I have severe lower back pain to the extent of barely moving. I will be seeing the doctor soon but after reading this I am positive it was the shoes. Too bad I didn’t find this website before I purchased the shoes. Don’t buy the shoes its not worth the pain.

  49. jay says:

    I am soo thankful to find this site. I received a pair of Skechers for Christmas and loved them.

    I have a herniated disc that I have not had any problems with for almost eight years. I had my left knee replaced 3 years ago and have had no problems with it since. 5 months ago I was diagnosed with plantar fasciatis. I found the shoes were great for my plantar fasciatis and they didn’t seem to bother my left knee at all. I wore my Sketchers for two weeks and first noticed that my right hip and thigh area was becoming numb. I now have numbness and constant pain shooting up and down my right leg and my toes on my right foot constantly go numb. I have nonstop muscle spasms in my right inner thigh and sleeping on either of my sides is torture now. My lower back started hurting so bad I have not slept well and have cried myself to sleep the last 4 nights. I have to sleep on my stomach with pillows placed underneath both hips in order to get a little comfort. My boyfriend started to give me a massage and when he touched my lower back the pain was unbearable. It feels as though my herniated disc has been awakened from the dead along with a new host of problems. These shoes should definitely come with a warning label. It took me many years of surgery, cortizone shots, phsysical therapy and pain management to feel good again. I CAN NOT BELIEVE I AM SUFFERING LIKE THIS. I TOO would like to know why there was no warning label on the box, the shoes nor the walking instructions pamphlet that came in the box. This seems so unfair.

  50. jay says:

    I have a herniated disc that I have not had any problems with for almost eight years. I had my left knee replaced 3 years ago and have had no problems with it since. 5 months ago I was diagnosed with plantar fasciatis. I received the Skechers Shape-Ups as a X-mas gift. The shoes felt great for a week and then I noticed numbness and constant pain shooting up and down my right hip/leg and toes. I have nonstop muscle spasms and throbbing in my groin area. Sleeping on either side now is torture. My lower back started hurting so bad I have cried myself to sleep the last 4 nights. I have to sleep on my stomach with pillows placed underneath both hips to get a little comfort. It feels as though my herniated disc has been awakened from the dead along with a new host of problems. It took me many years of surgery, cortizone shots, phsysical therapy and pain management to feel good again. I CAN NOT BELIEVE I AM SUFFERING LIKE THIS BECAUSE OF A PAIR OF SHOES. I TOO would like to know why there was no warning label on the box. This seems so unfair.

  51. Rick says:

    K. Check this out. I am not a senior cit nor a couch potato. I am a highly trained athlete. Never had any real hip pain in my life. Wut I did have was some ball of the foot pain in my left foot developing from a training. So I bought a pair of the flashy new shape ups that look like Nikes. They were round 130 bucks. I did this to remove pressure from the ball of my foot. About three weeks out I developed excruciating bilateral front hip pain. Right where the sartorious sp? Would insert on the pelvis. I mean severe pain. My hips now click which I assume is maybe from tendon inflammation. I know thousands of people will love these shoes n never have a problem. But please don’t assume they r just messing up a few seniors. I’ll never wear them again n take the 130 loss. Someone mentioned to me a book called born to run. That explains why a gait with heel strike first is actually very bad for u. It defies nature n how we walk w bare feet. Anyway. On iPhone n gotta go

  52. dl moser says:

    Bought the Skechers tone=up shoes because I thought they would be comfortable for walking, and they were in the beginning. Now I’ve had so much pain in my legs, hip, knee, ankle. I’ve lost so much sleep because I can not sleep at night for the pain that I experience in my legs, hip, knee and ankle since wearing these shoes. I would be interested in also being a part of a class action lawsuit against the company. From the other comments I’ve read, many other people have experienced pain and agony from these shoes. Something needs to be done and refunds should definitely be paid to all those suffering from wearing these shoes!! Obviously the company didn’t do their research thoroughly before advertising these shoes…thus the long term negative affects they have ’caused consumers.

  53. Robyn says:

    I’ve been wearing Sketchers Shape Ups for about 6 months and I LOVE them. When I first started wearing them my job required me to walk and stop alot around the lab for about 2 hrs a day. I soon noticed (like in about 2 wks) that my ab muscles were getting hard. They also strengthened my leg and butt muscles. I lost about 5 lbs, but I was also drinking Monavie’s acai berry health drink. They’re the most comfortable tennis shoes I’ve ever owned. If they don’t work for you you might try actually walking in them.

    • L Grant says:

      I have been doctoring now going on 6 months, trying to find the reason for the terrible pain I have been experiencing in both my legs. I’ve had various tests done to rule out any typical reasons. I have seen different specialist and have tried numerous prescriptions. So far none of the tests are revealing anything and none of the meds are working.. The pain is 24/7 and feels as if my muscles are being constantly pulled. I am now wondering if my Sketchers are the cause. I have 3 pairs of Shape-ups and one pair of Tone-ups. Last year they were pretty much the only shoes I wore. Because of the pain, my activities are very limited. I have started wearing other the shoes now, hoping this will make some difference. I am starting to sleep through the night. Guess my next step is to find a doctor who might be able verify this possibility.


  55. Cali says:

    I began having pain in my left thigh shortly after I started wearing my Sketcher Shape-up Shoes about 2 months ago. I’m not sure if it is sciatica or what. A nerve in my left thigh is irritated and bothers me all the time now. When I wear the Shape-up Shoes to walk I notice it exacerbates this, so I stopped wearing them. I’m glad I found this site to see that other people have been experiencing similar problems. I just bought a pair of ordinary tennis shoes today and I really hope this problem goes away. I’m certainly afraid to ever wear the Shape-up shoes again. Too bad, because I was really excited about them in the beginning.

  56. rebecca says:

    I just bought a pair of Sketchers XW and today is my first day. I found this website and others after I purchased these shoes. I am reading all the horror stories about this brand. However .I have not had any problems with mine today. I bought them for the cush. I walk all day in a hotel as security officer. I need the cush. My feet didnt hurt me today as they normally do. I’ll let you know more in the future. So far so good. Im thinking that these persons either already had knee , leg and back problems and this type of shoe made them worse of course. Being overly heavy person doesnt help either I think balance wise. I wouldnt recommend excersiseing in any shoe built like this as the workout video says you can. I recommend regular walkig slowly walking and not overly doing it daily. And makeing sure the shoe properly fits you to is a great idea. wearing the right socks too is good idea when buying shoes. If they made you feel weird when you tried them on in the store and you wabbled there you should have NOT got them. I think form what I have read alot of peoples feet do not fit the width of this shoe either. Specially the thinner shoes ive seen. They do have wide ones I have some. I think weight and balance is an issue with these shoes . So I am going to say these shoes are for smaller people that dont weigh much that have smaller thinner feet and have better balance. I think some of these complaints are from people jumping on the band wagon also. If a shoe hurts your friggin feet take the dum thing off dont keep wearing it . Thats just nuts. And you dont have to wear a shoe but one or 2 days to know if its going to get along with you or NOT. A t least I know if its going to have to go bye bye or NOT in a day or 2. Not wait for it to BLOW OUT A KNEE OR SOMETHING STUPID. Thats so dum.. Good luck in your law suit hope it fits well

  57. Linda says:

    OMG I thought it was just me!! I have been having pain in my right knee for about 5 months, I just told my husband I need to go to the doctors that they are hurting me bad! He is the one who mentioned “maybe it is your shoes”, so I thought I would do a little research and I found this site. I’m 44 years old and never had a problem before. My question is will I ever get back to normal??

  58. akd72012 says:

    Let me first mention that I have never had lower back or hip problems…until I started wearing Shape ups. I started wearing them in Nov. 2010 because of foot problems. After about the second week, started having lower back problems. I never thought it was the shoes!! Went on until the middle of February and the pain was unbearable before I did a mental evaluation and decided it had to be the shoes. I went to the doctor about it. He told me to get rid of the shoes and recommended physical therapy. The therapist said my pelvis had rotated,causing my right leg to be longer. As I wore the shoes, I also noticed I walked on the side of my right foot. There is no doubt in my mind it was the shoes. After a couple of sessions with the therapist, I am in much better shape and hope it stays that way. I am, however, worried about long term effects.

  59. Val says:

    I had no problems with my shape-ups just for walking, and I have a right knee that has dislocated numerous times. Then I wore them to do the 30 Day Shred and my LEFT knee … my GOOD knee… is quite sore and sometimes lets go on me. Going to switch to another pair of shoes. I know it’s not the workout as I’m very aware of and careful about my knees and proper form, altering the exercise to lessen impact and eliminate turning/twisting. I’ll still try them just for walking once my knee is better and see what heppens.

  60. henry says:

    I bought a pair of sketcher abt three days ago, i jumped right into them, thinking it would be cool for work, now i’m paying the price. I experience pain in my back, calves, both legs, now my right ankles is swolen almost double the sides of the left. All this happen when i wore them satanic shoes for four days, I got a wet rag, clean them up and took them back to the store. Now i’m in pain.

  61. ray says:

    at first , I really liked the shoe, being on my feet all day , they gave me a lot of comfort for my knees and back, the problem is on any un level
    surface they are very unstable.. I have twisted my ankle and now have tron ligaments in my left foot. gonna throw them away

  62. Holly Ward says:

    Thank you for posting a bold red warning to consumers thinking of purchasing these shoes, due to many comments of injuries from wearing them. I wish I had this information when buying mine, as I would NOT have ever purchased them. I too, was injured and had surgery as a result of wearing shape-ups. I reported my injuries to the Consumer Products Safety Commission & encourage others to do the same.
    My lawyer, Ron Johnson filed my lawsuit against skechers & is also representing others injured from ‘toning shoes’. His email is:

  63. stu says:

    I bought my shechers last fall and throughout the winter basically never wore them…only to find out now the heel is already falling apart.The store I bought them at(Shoe Warehouse) agrees with me this is bad but won’t help.I was told to contact skechers myself. I did and skechers wants me to pay the freight to send them back and they will have a look at them.??? I’m so glad I decided to take a look online for reviews! I will put that money toward a good pair of shoes and throw out the skechers.At the time I bought these shoes there already was a negative review on these shoes but the shoe salesperson assured me these were an awesome shoe…an awesome waste of money
    apparently.Thanks to all the posters on here and I hope for healing for you all.

  64. VW says:

    I’ve had my sketchers (non-skid work and sneakers) for about 2 months now. Experienced some knee and leg pain during the first 1 to weeks but chalked that up to them breaking me in *grin*. Since that time, I have had absolutely no issues with them while walking. They are a bit awkward on stairs and I won’t try anything faster than a fast walk again. I bought them as I experience some mild arch, heel, knee, hip, and back pain due to a combination of mild arhritus and past injuries. Though they may not have worked out for some peeps, they have eliminated almost all of my issues.

  65. Cindy Hayden says:

    I bought these shoes in late summer/early fall 2010 and only wore them soom of the time. Two weeks ago I put them on for a 30 minute fitness walk and the next morning my lower back was in servere pain. I am healthy and have always exerecised but had no problems with my back. The only thing I knew that was different was wearing these shoes so I got on the computer to see if anybody else had problems when wearing these shoes. Please to not wear these shoes because the risk is too high. With no insurance I hope the pain will go away soon.

  66. Lee says:

    OMG! how gullable are all you women! shoes that ‘tone’ so you dont have to do exercise hahahahahaha! if you want firm bodies then eat right and excersie on a regular basis! wow how hard is that. stop looking for easy options and miricals! i have no sympathy for any of you sorry

  67. Maria says:

    I’ve owned the curves toning shoes and the sketchers toning shoes. Curves was much better on my feet. I switched to sketchers just to compare and because they offer different colors. The sketchers are giving me such a hard time. My left started going inward with each step and so painful. I’m waiting to see a podiatrist and my regular doctor because of the foot pain and I fell one day and my left wrist is sprained or something. And I hate doctors so you know this is serious. I wish I never bought them. Those who gave good reviews on the sketchers is obviously in bed with them.

  68. Gabriela says:

    Yes, I bought a pair six months ago and was happy with my purchase until I felt a shooting pain through my knee! I’ve never had a knee injury nor any problems with my knee. I felt it immediately after wearing the shoes. And I retired them immediately! Another gimmick product not tested and harmful to your health. My knees are fine as they always have been, thanks to using my common sense..distributing pressure unevenly for prolonged periods of time, well,

  69. Gabriela says:

    …damaging women’s knees ahead of schedule, keeping physiotherapists busy sounds like a class action law suit. What do the kardashian’s know about athletic shoes anyways!!

  70. Debbie says:

    I bought the shoes and loved them! Wore them to death. stop wearing them because the inside cushion had worn down. Bought two pairs of sandals. Now I am having knee problems! Sharp pain in my left knee, I can hardly walk. I will not wear these again!

  71. MARILYN says:

    I bought the “dr. scholl’s are you gelin” type shape up shoes. My heels, especially my right heel, hurts me so bad I can’t hardly walk on it sometimes. I’m having to take pain pills sometimes to numb the pain, so that I can stand on my feet. I’ve never had any trouble with my feet before. So I know it is because of these shoes. When I lay down and get up, my heels hurt so bad I can’t hardly walk. And I only wore these shoes about a month. Have stopped wearing them for more than a month and the pain have not gone away.

  72. thabear says:


  73. C Robbins says:

    I have been wearing these shoes for about a year everyday. I can walk without pain for the first time without my custom orthotics. I have had some knee pain a few times that was bad enough to cause a limp and some swelling behind the knees. However, the worst is the severe foot cramping and leg cramps that wake me up almost every night. The big toe goes straight up and I have to fly out of bed and stand on it with the other foot. The calf pain is very severe, too. I have no idea if it’s the shoes or something else.

  74. Hilary says:

    Oh my gosh. I have had my skechers easy tones for a few months. walk 1.3 miles a day in them. had twinges of pain in my tailbone/hip area and thought i was getting used to them. yesterday out of the blue, i litterally could not stand up and am now unable to get out of bed because of the pain in that area. i feel like my taibone is disconnected from my spine. Looked it up & it’s definately the sacrum. can’t afford to go to the doctor. don’t get them!

  75. Susan says:

    June 11 2011 I wearing skeckers shape-up shoes and was carrying a few bags up my stairs and my foot turned in and I fell broke my 5th Metatarsal in my foot . During surgery they found that I had shattered the bone now have wire wrapped around bone. Still not working as of8-22-11 No weight baring for 3weeks . And Iam still in walking boot. Maybe 4more weeks before I can go back to work . I hate those shoes

  76. Jennifer B says:

    I bought my shape up Skechers @ shoe carnival for 58.00-they felt great. It is now 4 mos later and I have plantar fascititis (sp) from these shoes. They raise your heel and shorten your plantar tendon. I am now doing exercises to fix that I hope. I continue to wear them, as they feel great–but am looking for a different style. I was told there is a lot of heel pain with these shoes and Skechers are working to fix the problem.
    Good luck, all

  77. Rebecca says:

    I had a pair. They are very difficult to balance in. I walked in them for over a month. I turned my ankle once in these and now I have a permanent tendon tear in my right ankle. My physical therapist says it’s due to the way the shoes loosened the muscles from the repetitive motion and the height of the soles. I would NOT recommend those shoes to anyone.

  78. Sean says:

    I know for a fact that the shape ups are not good for your knees! i bought mine I’n March and within 2 months my right knee started to experience pain like I’ve never felt before. Almost as thought your knee is bone on bone! If you own a pair and are here because of leg and especially knee pain then it’s time to stop wearing them… Go buy a good pair of walking shoes from Nike or other popular brand. You will notice a difference. My pain comes and goes as i believe i hyper extended a muscle with the shoes that has not healed yet and the pain comes and goes depending on how i am using it. also pain I’n knee is just behind the knee cap at the bottom. I often massage it with my fingers by holding my knee like a gear shift to try and alleviate the pain. I hope it heals sooner than later….

  79. Sheri says:

    I bought these shoes over the summer to try to shape up my legs and maybe help with my butt. I was going to be walking more and thought this would be a great alternative to just wearing sandals. so I bought the shapeup sneakers from Costco. the first couple of weeks was fine then I started to feel a little off in my right foot when I would walk it felt strange like there was a lump under my arch. the left foot was fine though so I thought it must be my foot not the shoe. so I kept wearing them after a month and a half my foot swole up I took the shoes off and would soak every night when I got home but I never equated it to the shoes. I thought it was me. now I have a sever pain under the arch of my right foot the left foot is fine. but now I can barely walk around it hurts so much I want to throw my shoes away but now I feel I need proof it was them. I dont have a receipt but I paid with my Mastercard and used my costco card so maybe that is proof enough I want a refund or something. has anyone else had any luck with getting a refund? is it a defect in the shoe?

  80. Vernicer Wilcox says:

    I bought these shoes and have had knee problems every time I wear them. Got them in my closet now, waiting on a class action lawsuit or something. I’d settle for a refund if I could get one. Trust me, I won’t be giving these shoes away, I’ll be throwing them away. I think the company should be sued!

  81. dulce says:

    I really dont care about the money i spent. I really want my knees to get verter. I ve seen all these comments and i think the my pain is do to wearing the shoes. I own the shape Ups accelerators. At first i was only wearing them for 3-4 hours at a time and did not notice anything bad, But after starting to wear them. For the whole day and 4 days in a row. I started to freo feel pain. In my right knee. Follwed by. The left knee. And. Got worse over time. Until i found this site i stopped wearing them. Today. I hope. My knees get better.

  82. T_of_the_me_Fie says:

    I have also had knee pain since purchasing a pair of Sketchers Shape Up shoes. A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, which is a common form of knee arthritis. Needless to say, after reading the information above I won’t be wearing these shoes anymore. The shoes did not cause the arthritis; I am fifty years old and also need to lose weight. I’ve lost fifty pounds so far but I need to continue to lose weight. I believe the shoes aggravated the condition. Hopefully by switching back to regular shoes and bicycling rather than walking, the condition will stabilize. Google pictures of Osteroarthritic knees. It is not a pretty picture.

    My doctor did not mention the relevance of weight or shoes during my general check up. I have confidence in her abilities to treat her patients, yet, this just drives home how important it is for each of us to take charge of our own health. So thank you, Viola Valastral, for your post which I found on a Google search relating knee pain to shape up shoes.

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