2010 Hot Spring Trends: Ruffles

March 17, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


Alright guys, you saw it on the red carpet and if you haven't already, you're going to start seeing it everywhere! The ruffle trend is back for 2010 and it's going on pretty strong. I love this trend because ruffles are playful, they add a lot of texture, girlyness and flirtyness and should definitely be embraced while it's here. You can use ruffles as your main style focus or in your accessories. Let's check out all the different ways we can incorporate this trend into our wardrobe.

Tops & Suits:
That's right guys, nothing as safe and fun as a ruffled blouse. If you didn't get rid of your ruffle blouse from the 90s, break it out and see if it'll work in any of your outfits. If you are bold and daring, I found some really cute ruffled suit jackets! This gives a little flair to that boring old suit you wear everyday and you can really let some style take over the bland cubicles at work. Here are some of my top picks for blouses to pair with slacks and unique ruffled suits to wear to work.


Without looking too salsa dancer (while there is nothing wrong with that), there are a lot of ruffled dresses that have the right amount of ruffle for you. Ruffles add a little more interest to that little black dress and draws positive attention. Choose any of the following dresses to wear for any formal, evening out, or daytime dress occasion. As I mentioned before, ruffles are flirty and girly, so to sport the trend in a dress, you'd be the ultimate girly girl. Here are my picks for some of my favorite ruffled dresses.


If big pieces of ruffles are too much for you, try out accessories. It's a cheap way to incorporate a trend without changing or budgeting for a whole wardrobe. Accessories are great accent pieces that bring together the whole ensemble. For example, you're wearing that standard black suit in the office and then woah! You go to lunch flashy a ruffled clutch purse. You leave people wondering where all this flair comes from! That's what accessories do. They keep people guessing. Here are my top picks:

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