2010 Summer Trends: Ruffled Swimsuits

March 23, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


Sometimes it totally pays to be a bargain shopper. Two summers ago, I shopped a discount bin at the end of summer at Old Navy to find http://iga.edu/essays-for-sale/ a black ruffled swimsuit. I thought it was pretty standard and black, I could wear it without a problem. And BAM! Ruffled swimsuits and bathing suits are the total craze this summer. Who knew? I am trendy and the bathing suit I bought from Old Navy seriously only costs me $2.00. Love it.

Take advantage of this trend! It's really forgiving in places that you're not that well endowed in, and hides things you may not be proud of. If you're less busty, like myself, a ruffled swimsuit top will add more body to the area making it appear fuller. If you are not fond of your abs or buttocks, ruffles will simply drape over those areas hiding it while adding some style. Monokinis and one pieces are very flattering and fun.

If you already have a favorite non ruffled bathing suit that you love to wear every summer, opt for a ruffled cover up. They're totally cute and girly. It's like wearing a little dress while hanging by the pool or walking along the beach. So this summer, take your style poolside with this 2010 Summer trend. Here are my top picks for all ruffled swimwear:

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