2011 Fashion Trend: Animal Rings!

April 2, 2011 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


When I was younger, I remember my uncle wearing a tiger ring with red rubies for it's eyes. I always thought it was perverted looking...maybe because he was a straight man with a big gold tiger on his finger. But lately, as I'm out and about shopping, I am seeing more and more animal rings that range in all sorts of colors and sizes and frankly all different types of animals. Snake rings are very common and very cool as two finger rings. I love the way they wrap around your finger and give you a chunky ring look without being heavy. Among other animal rings, I think the bird rings is so cute! I'm also seeing birds everywhere from curtains to bedding and random household accessories and I really love the bird trend. I think it's very cutesy without feeling like a teenager. You can definitely pull it off as an adult.

All in all, I love this trend. I think it's really cool to have animals on your ring because it's unique, fun and the perfect statement piece. We all have our favorite animals, so why not have it with us as an accessory without making it our pet? It can be jeweled or patterned or just plain silver or gold and have an impact. So I've searched all animal rings and found some really cool ones that I wanted to share with you guys. One of my favorites is the Koi Fish ring I found. It looks so abstract and interesting, you wouldn't think it's a koi fish. But whenever people ask you what it is (because they will), you say "Koi fish", and I bet you will get a positive reaction every time! So join this animal ring trend and treat yourself to one! There's so much to choose from and you can wear it to spice up any outfit!

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