Best Book Bags For College – My Top 4 Picks

September 8, 2011 by Megan   | Filed under Style & Trends


It’s almost that time again. We are hanging up our beach totes and reaching for our book bags because school is back in session. There are so many great things to shop for, it’s no wonder I get excited when fall comes around. The most utilitarian purchase though has to be your book bag since this is the accessories you will be caught around the campus the most with. My choice for the best book bags for college are, as always, fabulous in every way.

Converse at ShopStyle

1. Chuck Taylor Converse
Okay I’m loving this bag by Chuck Taylor Converse. The black is bor-ing, so don’t even think about it. But say hello to your backs new besti's purple, green and white (j’adore the white one or as they call it silver birch). There is something very "Yes, I traveled through Europe on my summer holiday and now I realize less is really more." At the price tag of $50.00 this seems like a winner for your wallet too.

If you are more of a tote kinda girl and you hate the idea of a backpack messing up the sequins on your sweater, well look no further then this.

Urban Outfitters at ShopStyle

2. The Cooperative Tri-Tone Wool Zip Tote
The Cooperative Tri-Tone Wool Zip Tote Bag is less of a book bag and more of a Mary Poppins purse. I truly believe if you can’t fit it in there you shouldn’t be taking it out of your dorm room. Again the price tag is low at $69.00, leaving you able to buy all the little treasures you think you’ll need to shove in this tote and survive another semester.

Oh before I go any further, I would like to request from you dear reader, one thing. Don't be that student that rolls anything to class. I promise, nothing cute ever came into a classroom with wheels attached to it, except perhaps a hottie in rollerblade. It looks ridiculous. Travel lighter if you must but no wheels on backpacks!

3. Kirra Vegan Edge Backpack
When searching for the best book bags for college, your budget is probably the first thing you should think about. I have found the bag that meets every requirement of being on trend, cheap, cute and useful. This bag of all bags is the Kirra Vegan Edge Backpack.

Here we have a slouchy old timey look but with a modern twist. The inside has a fun floral print that will make you smile every time you reach in for that sharpened number 2 pencil and with the addition of a matching make-up bag you’ll have a place to store it. Oh did I mention it’s Vegan friendly. I know how people love to go V.U.G.

Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

4. Classic Q Backpack by Marc Jacobs
Okay so lastly for those of you going back to school with a wad of cash so big that your bank account is groaning under pressure I have a choice bag for you. The best book bag for college for you Gossip Girls is the Classic Q Backpack.

I mean, come on, it’s Marc Jacobs. What more do I have to say? But at $458 it’s probably just going to be more of an “incentive bag” to do well in school, get a good paying job, and buy yourself a $500 back pack just cause you can.

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