Unique Rings over $7000

August 19, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


crazy expensive ring

In this economy, all we hear is, "can't afford can't afford can't afford". Quite frankly, I'm so tired of feeling like we must always live like we have $2 in our pocket and it's time to do a little day dreaming. I got to thinking, sure, with this kind of money you can buy you a diamond ring, but what a snooze fest. I want to know: if you're a super bored and rich housewife, what other fun rings can you splurge on?

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So I've compiled a list of unique rings above $7000. It seems the more the ring cost, the heavier and more gothic it looks -- with the exception of that $77,000 Jean Schlumberger Tanzanite flower ring from Tiffany's. $77,000? That's Tiffany's for ya.

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