Farmer Chic: Fashion in the Country

March 24, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


There's no reason why my fellow Kentuckians should have any problems wearing something more fashion forward. Yes guys, there is such a thing as a "farmers daughter" or "farmer chic" trend going on here. The style is feminine, flirty and 'oh so' much fun! For the Californians, we've taken this look and twisted it just a little bit to give it more of an edge. Maybe it's something like taking a plaid or gingham shirt with jean shorts but then wearing a pair of bright colored booties to give it a little bit more of a mod/rocker flair. It's all about taking a look or a trend and pushing it forward a little bit and taking a risk. As I say all the time, it's all about the confidence and the attitude. With that, you can make any look flatter your own individuality.

So....if you want to dabble into the farmer look, I'm gonna break it down for you.  Here are the basics:

According to yahoo, a farmer is: 1. One who works on or operates a farm. 2. A simple, unsophisticated person; a bumpkin....ouch, that's a little harsh. Well at least we know the definition of the look. From this, we can assume many details about this look that gives us the farmer flair. It's very casual, uses many cottons, flannels, denim and comfortable materials, and it's simple. For a girl, the farmer look is very flirty, fun and feminine. Little details like tying your shirt and showing your midriff, or tattered short shorts still gives us sexy but still very casual look. Jessica Simpson is a good example of someone who sports this look successfully.

jessica simpson country chic

The Clothes
Jewel toned colors (navy, red, purple, dark green) is a great place to start. However, if you want to do more pastels, that will work too. For some pattern, small floral prints, plaids, gingham, and checkered are key to the farmer look. With floral prints, if you go with a bigger floral print in pastel colors, then you're getting into "Tea Party" type of southern. And while that's fine, that's not the down home farmer honky tonk look that I'm telling you about.  So stay away from too much pastel for now until you have mastered the art of what IS "farmer". Yea you heard  Also, you want to incorporate some sheers and use layers. Layer a simple white girly corset underneath your cotton plaids or floral shirts, or layer a tank top underneath your plaid or floral sheers to complete the look.

jessica simpson accessories
The Accessories
As far as jewelry is concerned, less is more. If I'm out milking the cows, I wouldn't want my jewelry to be caught on anything that can be found in a barn. That doesn't mean that you can't incorporate bulky jewelry to give the farmer look your own flair, but again, I'm just breaking down the basics for you. Accessory details are found more in belts and handbags. The belt buckle is usually pretty big and bulky, with jewels or studded details. For handbags, think suede or denim.  I very much dislike that denim purse that looks like a pair of blue jeans, but it is very appropriate for this. If you can rock it, more power to ya.

So there are some basic things you need to know to be a farmer.  Now take everything I said and modify it into your own. Don't be afraid to mix and match the farmer look with a rocker edge or try glamming it up a little bit. Have fun with it!


2 Responses to “Farmer Chic: Fashion in the Country”
  1. MizzJ says:

    I love Jessica’s look on the cover of Elle, but the rest of the outfits are a bit too country for me!

  2. Jules says:

    I like this whole farmer chic phenomenon. My favorite is the Elizabeth and James plaid shirts that come in a variety of colors and have a much more fitted look thanks to the buttons in the back :)


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