Fashion Tips on How to Dress Like David Beckham

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When he's not showing off his abs, in his underwear, or wearing his soccer uniform, David Beckham always steps out as a fashion icon. His look is preppy, tailored, GQ and oh so hot! This guy is not afraid to accessorize and master the art of layering, proving a success everytime. Of course there are stylists, loads of expensive clothes, and Victoria to make this happen. But I am here to break it down and show you how to look like David Beckham on any budget!

The Hair
Through the years, David has tried many hairstyles. Right now he rocks the faux hawk and the messier short hair look. This hairstyle is definitely not a new concept, but I have to say, it looks good on most guys. To achieve this look: wet hair, use hair wax or gel sparingly and scoop your hair up with both hands towards the middle. Grab chunks of your hair and bunch them together for the messy look and blow dry your bangs upwards. It's not that hard since the look is supposed to be messy, but the wax and gel holds everything into place. My ex boyfriend used to rock this hairdo and he would take a shower, put gel in his hair, then stick his head out of the window in the car. I can't hate, it worked. To date, he is still the guy who had the best hair out of everyone I've dated. His techniques were ghetto, but sometimes you gotta improvise.

different david beckham hairstyles


The Clothes
3 is the magic number here. Pants, undershirt, overshirt. Let's observe this beautiful creature. If it's a formal occasion, you'll see dress pants, collared shirt and a vest. If it's casual, it's jeans with a plaid shirt, dress shirt or t-shirt, along with an overcoat or cardigan. Even if David is just wearing t-shirt and jeans, the t-shirts are usually layered. To make an outfit complete, you need to find that 3rd piece to incorporate in. And don't be afraid of trends! Trends happen so we get the chance to have more fun with our clothes and step outside our comfort zone. That way, you can dig up pictures 15 years from now and say, "haha what was I thinking!?". At least it's fun! My fiance is afraid to wear plaid and sticks to his boring t-shirt and jeans all the time. I think it's pretty lame. Guys need to rock the trends as much as girls do. It keeps things interesting.

different david beckham clothing stylesDressed up look:

Casual cardigan look:


The Accessories
David Beckham IS accessories man! Right now, it's the aviator sunglasses, scarves scarves scarves, and hats of every kind . For girls, it's like adding the jewelry, belt and handbag to give you that extra boost to your style. David Beckham is not afraid of the murse either! He definitely understands that guys have things to carry too. Honestly guys, it's totally convenient. Look into it. It's better than overloading your wallet and becoming a fat wallet victim. Use it to your advantage.

david beckham accessories

If you are still confused with the Beckham look, hit the gym, get a rockin body and go shirtless. After all, that is his best look...yum!


9 Responses to “Fashion Tips on How to Dress Like David Beckham”
  1. Sweety P says:

    I wish I had a boyfriend I could tell these tips to. Until then, I just tell my bro to def try some David Beckham handsomeness!

  2. Beka says:

    David Beckham always looks good. He definitely has a style all his own. Great post!

  3. there is only one word that describes David Beckham, and that is “Delicious”

  4. mamoor shah says:

    everytime i try my best wear same like Mr David Beckham.

  5. Arun(A beck's Big Fan) says:

    No body can compete The great David Beckham in styles and fashion he is the one and unique style icon in this globe.
    Nice post..!

  6. Arun Dubey says:

    Aah! David Beckham! He looks always trendy and superb in every style. Either he wears somthing or nothing. He looks great.!


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