Forever 21 Prom Dresses – My Favorite Picks

April 19, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


You know, when I went to prom, it was super uber formal, everyone's dresses were pretty similar and there was no fashion risk factor involved. While I did love my prom dress and I believe it will remain a timeless piece, I do wish I had a little more fun with it. You're young and you should be able to play with colors and ruffles and pleats and go all out for prom or any other school dances. I loved my dress, but I cialis online without prescription had to save up a lot of money to buy it and in the end I only wore it once. Well, lucky for you prom goers now a days, Forever21 has come out with a bunch of prom dresses for cheapity cheap cheap! At this price, you can seriously afford to buy a new dress for all the dances and not have to swap dresses with your friends. I didn't do that......of course.............

Anyhoo, so here are my favorite picks for Forever 21 Prom Dresses. They are all mostly short, but if you've got nice legs, it wouldn't hurt to try these. And what I love about most of these prom dresses is that you can definitely wear it on more than one occasion. They can pass for a prom dress but they're not too taffeta and too promy that if you wore it again, it would be embarrassing. So to sum it all up, they are cheaper than the traditional prom gowns that everyone always wears, they're trendy, they're young, they're fun, they can be used more than once....heck, I think I'm going to stop writing and go buy one myself and just wear it while I do the dishes around the house! What more could you ask for?

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