Holiday Dresses for Kids – My Top Picks

December 14, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


Tis the season to dress up in your holiday gear! To all the wonderful mothers out there, this is the season to find the perfect holiday dresses for kids. Dress them up and have fun with the holidays for as long as they'll let you. These are the times that I think, "How fun it must be to have a little baby girl!". I'm sure all the moms out there would agree. But what kind of dress could you put your little girl in that would melt the most hearts? Well I have my top picks for this holiday season.

Infant Holiday Dresses & Holiday Dresses for Girls
They grow up so fast! This is the reason you need to find the absolute perfect holiday dresses for your girls. From those little santa dresses to something plaid or sparkly, you have so many options to choose from. My suggestion is considering hair color. If your baby girl is a brunette, put her in something red, purple, blues or something that is deep and rich color. It'll bring out her big bright eyes. If your girl has bouncy blond curls, try golds, creams, light pinks to compliment her hair. If your infant has no hair....well, then you have free range to go crazy! And follow what's hot in the trends this year for women. Finding a holiday dress that is like a mini version of what adults wear is what makes it 'oh so much cuter'. Go all out on the sparkles, headbands, bows and any other accessories to complete your little girls holiday look. You only have one chance to do this for some great pictures and memories. So take advantage of it!

Here are my top picks for Infant Holiday Dresses & Holiday Dresses for Girls:

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