Hot 2009 Trends: Cutout Shoes

July 10, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends



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Inspired by the cutout harley t-shirts, the cutout trend is spilling all over different pieces of your wardrobe, including your shoes...and I do not mind one bit! In fact, I think cutout shoes are hot hot hot! You know sometimes cutout shirts or dresses can be hot, but often borderline slutty or biker babish. With shoes, you get a very unique and fun pair of shoes without feeling self conscious if you're showing too much skin. The shoes can be as over the top as the knee high gladiator sandals or be as subtle as just a simple cutout in the heel. However far you decide to take it, these cutout shoes are sure to spice up any wardrobe or shoe collection. You'll get compliments every time.

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