Hot Fashion Trends: Cardigans for Guys

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David Beckham wearing a red cardigan.

David Beckham

Alright so let's talk about cardigans.  I guess if the dorky "Mr. Rogers look" is in, I'll go with it.  It's not completely dorky, as it can be a very metro look on many guys.  Fashion for men is more limited than women, so if you want to try a new look for yourself, layer on a cardigan to complete your outfit.  If you're normally a t-shirt and jeans guy, you can prep up your look by taking advantage of this trend.  Or if you wear a dress shirt and tie to the office, you can also layer on the cardigan to spice up your look and stay warm at the same time.  Fashion does have a function after all.  Or, what's even hotter is the dress shirt, cardigan, tie, with jeans to go out.  It shows you have style, but you don't care at the same time.  Girls dig that.

David Beckham looking gorgeous with a cardigan.

David Beckham

Take David Beckham for example.  Now, if you dress him in a garbage bag with homer simpson house slippers and Aretha Franklin's hat from the inauguration, he would still look gorgeous.  Just don't let him talk.  He has a squeaky voice.  I mean, let's be honest, it would be pretty funny if he wore that Aretha Franklin hat...but we'd still want to jump him afterwards.  He is big on cardigans and he wears it well.  If you can confidently pull off cardigans, get as creative and bold as you can.  Play with colors and patterns and wear the cardigan over a nice plaid or striped button down shirt.  Hot.  Guys, let me let you in on a little secret.  Girls don't care how you dress THAT much.  I mean as long as you're not wearing anime shirts (I didn't know what that was until recently, as I have never dated anyone who wore those) and suspenders, we love you in everything.  And especially if you stop fighting our fashion sense and let us dress you, nobody gets hurt and everybody wins.

A guy wearing a cardigan in the streets.

cute couple on the streets

Look at the couple walking down the street!  This guy pulls off the cardigan look very well.  He is in a nice black cardigan, button up shirt unbuttoned and relaxed at the top, nice shoes, and I like the wash of the jeans.  Strolling the streets comfortably, stylish...I'm sure it helps having a beautiful lady friend on your arm to boost your confidence level.  This is the perfect use of the cardigan.  I love it because it isn't Mr. Rogers, it isn't dorky, it's pretty timeless.  Thumbs up!

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

I'll have to hear your thoughts on this one.  Justin Timberlake rocks the cardigan a lot.  In this particular situation, I have no feeling.  I think it looks pretty effortless and nice.  But maybe I can't get over the creepy look in his eye to analyze this outfit.  Is it just me?  Or do you agree?

Serious looking cardigan guy

serious model guy

Haha look at this male model!  He's very serious about the cardigan look.  This is definitely more on the dorky side.  If you're an extremely hot or confident type A personality kind of guy, you can dork up your style and still be irresistible.  This is a very Euro, and while it's nice, you have to know what colors you look best in.  Do you look better in darker colors?  Or can you pull off the gray?  Not everyone can do it.  I personally think that guys usually look best in darker colors, but if you can pull off light colors or get bold with really bold colors, by all means, go for it.

John Krasinski wearing a cardigan.

John Krasinski

Haha...uhm...No.  I do NOT like John Krasinski's cardigan here.  I feel like he paired a Fruit of the Loom or Hanes shirt with a cardigan.  Perhaps he tried, but this look is screaming bachelor in a bachelor pad with bachelor style -- and not in a good way.  If you're going to try something, commit to it and go for it all the way.  Buy the right undershirt, the right washed jeans, get accessories and ties, etc.  If you want to pair it with a t-shirt, go for a graphic tee or something more rockerish so you can mix styles and spice up your look.  NOT a plain white shirt.  Sorry John, better luck next time.




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4 Responses to “Hot Fashion Trends: Cardigans for Guys”
  1. MizzJ says:

    Love this trend, it’s classic and yet still casual and oh so sexy! Hehe Becks does have a rather surprising voice eh? Poor guy.

  2. Retromusik says:

    lol, justin is so fine! but in this pic, he really does have a disturbing look in his eyes. I’m all for cardigans: darker colors, lighter, flashy, it’s all fine with me ;)

  3. Karl says:

    Poked about on Google for ideas on how, and what with, to wear my new cardigan. Good ideas, nice pics, interesting ideas. I do disagee that no one gets hurt when girls dress us fellas though. It might not always be a bad thing, as in the case of the severely fashion handicapped, but some guys do not like being controlled like that. I know I don’t. But I do let my special girl help me decide between things, colors and such, and sometimes reccomend things to me… In the end though it’s gotta be my call or else I won’t be happy with what I’m wearing…
    Maybe I’m just picky =p

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