How to Dress like Brenda Song

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A refreshing sight to see, Asian American actress Brenda Song is best known for being a part of the Disney family. She's cute, bubbly sophisticated and actually works for her part in the young Hollywood crowd. Brenda Song started show business at an early age and I think she will become the next Asian American super starlet. She is full of style and has caught my eye on many red carpet occasions. It only made sense I replicate her look. Brenda's style is fun, young, colorful and full of pattern. Her look can be pulled off by anyone between the ages of 16-25 years old. So let me break it down for you:

Brenda's Evening Look:
Brenda is in a red one shoulder dress with black lace detail. This dress is great for homecoming dances, a night out to dinner, a benefit event or any other event where you would need to dress in subtle sexy sophistication. I love this dress because a bold red dress needs to be a part of everyone's wardrobe. Red is a powerful and sexy color, but the way that this dress is cut, it isn't slutty or overly sexy. It's age appropriate, but you'd still draw attention and turn heads in this number. I found an exact replica and also an alternative if you would like to just be inspired by this look.

Dress like Brenda Song - Evening Look


Brenda's Young and Girly Look:
This is a very young and fresh look. Brenda's dress has variations of pink with a corseted top and pinch draped skirt. To not draw attention away from the colors and the style, a simple gold pump was paired with this dress. I took this inspiration and found some corseted dresses that had a poofed skirt. Also, since booties are in and I love them so much, I found metallic gold booties that would rock up the look without being too hard. I see this dress in a early evening party setting. I found some dresses that are similar in color and style that would be great to homecoming dances in the springtime or an afternoon brunch with girlfriends. However you choose to interpret the look, make it your own and wear it with confidence!

Dress like Brenda Song - Young and Girly Look.jpg


Brenda's "Great for the Office" Look:
Love this ensemble that Brenda is wearing! It's great for work, it's comfortable, sophisticated, but still fun. The chiffon pattern blouse is the center of attention. Find chiffon blouses that have you favorite pattern, pop it with some color and have fun with it. Go all out with the top because you're going to be pairing it with a black structured skirt and a solid black belt. If you're wearing this to work, you can keep it simple with simple black pumps. But for extra flair, try a more conservative bootie with stockings. Fabulous!

Dress like Brenda Song - Great for the Office Look


Brenda's Daytime Fun Look:
Hot pink shorts with a black blouse, it doesn't get any easier and it doesn't get any cuter! This is probably gonna easily replicated by going to any teeny bopper mom and pop fashion store or Forever 21. Make sure that the shorts are structured and the top is a little more flowy. Any black blouse will work as long as we have the contrast of structure vs. loose fitting. This look is great for running errands, going out during the day. It's comfortable and simple, but unique in style. Pair is with black pumps of studded shoes for that extra detail.

Dress like Brenda Song - Daytime Fun Look


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