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So I received an email from a reader (shout out to my girl Skyler!) asking about how to dress like Kesha. So, I thought what a fun post to do because we all know Kesha's style is anything but boring and average! She's rocker, she's edgy, she's young, she's hip, she's like the devil on our shoulder and we want more. The trick here is to go all out and not be afraid to stand out. Here are my 4 favorite ways to look like Kesha:

1. How to Dress Like Kesha - High Fashion and Rebellious

Ok, so this is not an everyday look obviously. But it is high fashion meets rebellious biker chick and it's absolutely fabulous! Here, Kesha is wearing feather galore with black combat boots with studs on them. How awesome is that? It's refreshing to see that just because you dress up in feathers, doesn't always mean you should wear uncomfortable heels. You can pair a nice loose fitting combat boots with it and be completely different. If you're comfortable wearing feathers from the neck down to the thighs, then find a feather skirt of dress and pair it with a feather coat or vest. A great, easy and really glamorous way to do this is go all black feathers. Black feather skirt with a black feather vest would be hot hot hot! Not to mention easy to find. If the feathers are too much for you, you can get the essence of Kesha by wearing a feather necklace with any ensemble to give yourself more flair. Oh and don't forget to get a healthy supply of fishnet stockings. If you want to look like Kesha, she is a big fan of those!


2. How to Dress Like Kesha - Red Carpet Meets Party Girl

I call this the red carpet meets party girl look because I love the glamour that she has going on with the fur collar. It's a great accessory and really dresses up this metallic mini dress with the ultra plunging neckline. She kept it simple with the black patent leather platforms and a silver/yellow clutch. But she turned up the volume in those uber chunky turqoise and black rings. Don't be afraid to have a lot of statement pieces. Go beyond your comfort zone and really just go for it with the accessories. This look is great for clubbing or parties. It's super sexy and you will be sure to turn some heads!


3. How to Dress Like Kesha - The Casual Rocker

Just because it's a tshirt and jean shorts occasion, doesn't mean it can't be funky! This is a great casual look with her studded jean shorts, loose fitting ripped tee and chunky chunky bracelets. And there are those fishnet stockings and combat boots again. Take advantage of this fashion trend of the combat boots. Rarely is fashion funky and edgy AND comfortable. So go get yourself a good pair of these and wear them out! It's a great casual look and as Kesha has shown, you can also dress it up and still pair it with these boots and look great.


4. How to Dress Like Kesha: JLo With a Twist

Is that Jlo with the brown floppy hat? It looks too edgy to be JLo. That's true, because it's Kesha doing her thing with the brown floppy hat. This is a little more sophisticated look for Kesha which she definitely funked up and it works! Pair these lace up short shorts with a loose fitting black blouse and floppy hat and don't forget to accessorize! I love the wide gold cuff she is wearing with this outfit as well as the bone and gold bracelet on her other wrist. Get a lot of feather pins and gold necklaces and pin it to your hat and spice the hat up if it doesn't already come embellished. Even if it does come embellished, embellish is some more! Get creative and have fun. Also, the stick she's carrying...I'm not sure if that's what you wanna do as well, but in case you do, I think they sell the bamboo sticks at garden store :-)

There ya have it. Four great looks on how to dress like Kesha. If you want to ease into Kesha's look, just find an outfit that you like and see what stands out the most about that outfit. Then you can find a small piece of what stands out to get the essence of Kesha. Then you can get into full on combat boots with fishnet stockings and paint blue stripes across your face.


2 Responses to “How to Dress Like Kesha”
  1. Grysh says:

    Oh, I love Kesha so I am totally loving this post of yours right now! :P

    My fave is the Casual Rocker. It is a style that I really really like before. Not so much now since I am trying to be- girly. Haha :P

  2. Nadia says:

    Ok, Kesha is soo hot, not to be lesbian or anything but she is a very gorgeous woman. I want to have a near style of her.. because she is my idol and i love the way she dresses ! It’s just .. kicck A$$

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