How to Dress like Lady Gaga – Bad Romance Video

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I should have done this post a loooong time ago. I mean, how much do you just LOVE the Bad Romance video? Absolutely genius isn't it? This whole video is all about fashion and glamour with all of Lady Gaga's twist. I am so in love with this woman! I recently got a request to replicate some of Lady Gaga's looks in this video and it has taken me way to long to respond. So without further adieu, let's replicate some of the most fabulous looks from Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video.

Look#1: Opening Scene
I love this opening scene look in her gold structured dress. It's got really cool lines and wings and hips and it's just so much fun to look at without being overwhelming. The blond bob and metal sunglasses are all important elements to this futuristic look. Now, it is hard to directly replicate any of Gaga's looks as they are one of a kind and too weird to wear to the grocery store. However, you can find a lot of inspiration when you're out shopping for a new outfit. Here are some of my inspiration looks that channel this gold structured dress from Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video. Oh, and if you want to go all out, check out this blond bob and metal glasses for any occasion that would call for such gaga-ness.


Look #2: White Outfit
Catsuits are normally in black. And while it is very sexy in black, there is nothing cooler than a white catsuit. That's exactly what Lady Gaga wore in her Bad Romance video with a white pleather looking crown. You can find white catsuits for great prices on ebay. I'm not sure what occasion would call for a white cat suit, but then again, why not wear a cat suit to the mall? I mean, if you're a fashionista, that's pretty much your ticket to do whatever you want. Lady Gaga does. Or, if you're a little more conservative, I found really hot white dresses that are an inspiration from Lady Gaga's white catsuit look.


Look #3: Black Outfit
This is one of the moments in the video where Lady Gaga looks the most normal. The outfit where she is standing in front of the mirror is a simple black catsuit with a black skirt over her bodysuit. Accessorized with simple black sunglasses and a black crown. I found a youtube video (see below) that shows a very easy way to make this crown just by using felt. If you do not have the budget for a catsuit, you can easily replicate this outfit with a black long sleeve turtleneck with black leggings, black skirt and super high black platform pumps. Super easy and super hot.


Look#4: Red Lace Outfit
This outfit is definitely not something to directly replicate but find much inspiration from. Unless your boss at work allows you to wear a small strip of fabric to cover up your hoo-ha, I found really hot lacy dresses to channel this look. Remember to rock the red lace dress out with some knee high black boots and black gloves if you dare.


4 Responses to “How to Dress like Lady Gaga – Bad Romance Video”
  1. Jane says:

    Great and original blog! I will definitely try some of these out, as Lady Gaga is such a fashion icon.

    I started a blog that I think you might like too. It combines fashion and giving back to charities. Each week, I will give away 1 designer dress (this week it’s the Pink Adelson Shift from Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2010) to one lucky follower, who raises awareness of the blog’s selected charity through various ways such as tweeting about it or commenting with an interesting fact. I am currently also giving away some great Lilly stationary items too. Please check out my blog at because doing good is chic!

  2. Mariah says:

    AMAZING good job looking for Lady Gaga looks!!!!

  3. Mademoiselle says:

    Hi, your blog is amazing!!
    But, honestly, for me it’s really hard to accept someone wearing like Gaga…
    Impress is essential but style is always necessary!!!:)

    I’m blogrolling you, definitely Anna!

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