How To Dress Like Lauren Conrad

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Lauren Conrad is MTV's sweetheart. She's the kind of shy, overachiever, loyal best friend that'll let you borrow anything from her closet. In which case, jackpot! The girl has style! Whether it's a day at the office or walking the red carpet, Lauren always keeps it chic and classy. She plays it pretty safe, but I think people in everyday life are pretty conservative with their style. Simple style can still be great style. Let's dissect and achieve some of Lauren's most popular looks on any budget.

#1: Business Casual Look
Work clothes can be pretty bland and boring. Realistically, you can't go crazy and wear anything laced, or netted, or too wild and crazy without starting office rumors. So how exactly do you spice up your work wardrobe without having to worry about signing up for unemployment? Well, take a tip from Lauren Conrad herself. She might've worn this outfit for the Letterman show, but you can definitely wear this to work. Here she sports high rise, wide legged, trouser pants, with a ruffled blouse. Simple, cute and conservative. But with that, she adds a cropped leather jacket, and a chunky studded belt to rock out the look just a little, without looking like she's going to jump on a motorcycle with Justin Bobby. She keeps it high end and classy with a small Chanel long chained purse. I love how she wears blue pants instead of traditional black. Black pants with a black jacket is way too predictable. Choosing something as simple as blue pants gives it a little twist -- it shows you know what you're doing and your not afraid of fashion. By the way, if you recognize Lauren's belt, it's the same one Carrie wore in the Sex and the City movie. Sooooo hot!

dress like lauren conrad - business casual work look.jpg


#2: Daytime Look
As I've mentioned so many times before, it's hard to have a cute daytime look. There are millions of paparazzi photos that prove Britney Spears has a hard time finding a cute daytime look as well. Most of us just throw on a t-shirt and jeans...not much thought goes into our outfit after that. Well, keep the jeans. But in order to show you're still trendy even if it's just for a trip to the bank, choose something like this chiffon silk blouse Lauren's wearing. It's figure friendly and very forgiving, and the shoulder cutouts are so hot this year. You see cutouts in swimwear and on dresses, so why not tops? Pair it with straight or skinny jeans, add a pop of color with a bag, accessorize with a long gold necklace, slide on some comfortable flat sandals and you're all set. You can do withdrawals at the ATM in style. Oh and if the paparazzi are snapping shots of you while you're doing that, be sure you cover your face with aviators.

dress like lauren conrad - daytime look.jpg


#3: Evening Look
Lauren Conrad has been known to go out on the town with Audrina, Brody and the gang many of times. The best part about going out with friends is dressing up for the occasion. Whether you're just having a quiet dinner or you're hitting the clubs, it's all about dressing to impress. How often do you just wear jeans and a cute top? Snoozefest. Try what Lauren's wearing here. It's a simple red, see through tunic with a black belt, black peep toe pumps and a black shoulder bag. I love how she accessorized with a long purple feather necklace. A perfect touch of color and texture making this a more unique look for a night out on the town.

dress like lauren conrad - evening look


#4: Red Carpet Look
Lauren always knows how to keep it simple with a touch of trendiness. It's no different on the red carpet. This mini dress she's wearing is just a simple white and silver dress. But the ultra low neckline and the bottom of the dress being a foil material makes it more fun. This dress is hard to directly duplicate. My advice is to find a white, low sweetheart cut tank top with a silver sequin skirt. That foil look is hard to achieve, but sequins gives the same texture and shine that would give you the same idea. Depending on the occasion, you can pair it with silver sequined shows and give a pop of color with a soft pink sequin clutch. The key to Lauren Conrad's style is to look young, fresh and super fun without being too over the top!

dress like lauren conrad - red carpet look


4 Responses to “How To Dress Like Lauren Conrad”
  1. janelle says:

    I’m a huge fan of Lauren Conrad’s style. This is a great, detailed look at how she builds such cool looks. Great post!

  2. I adore that last dress. Couldn’t help but look up who its from, its Pogah Couture, in other words…pricy, but I love how you deconstructed the look to achieve a similar vibe.

    • Anna says:

      I do too! I’m not surprised the real dress is super pricey…the best we can do in those situations is interpret our own look!

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