How to Dress like Taylor Momsen

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Ok, so I've never watched Gossip Girl (I know, so sue me), so I don't know many of the main characters on the show. So when someone told me they wanted advice on how to dress like Taylor Momsen, I was like, "Who in the world is that? Am I really that removed from the teen celebrity world??" Well, if you aren't familiar like I am, you are going to do a major double take once I tell you who this girl is! Are you guys ready for it? It's Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (with Jim Carrey)! OMG, girl is all grown up! Oh yea, this 16 year old girl is finding her own style in the Hollywood crowd and people love it! Taylor Momsen's style is rebellious, rocker, young and experimental. Her look is quit simple actually. As I search through Taylor's pictures, I see a pattern. She usually wears girly baby doll dresses and throws on a leather jacket and/or black studded booties with the dress to give it more edge. So, without further adieu, let's start replicating Cindy Lou Who's teenager look!

Rocker Look
A classic outfit that Taylor Momsen would rock. She's wearing a bubble hem dress with girly flower embroidery and then pairs it with a cropped leather jacket, accessorizes with a leather bracelet and leather clutch with eyelets. A rocked out girly look. Something unexpected and totally works. Mixing something feminine with something strong and edgy. And you can't see it in this picture, but she is also wearing black booties which is another edgy choice of footwear. So you see, Taylor's main piece here is really girly and conservative, but she added her own twist in the accessories and that's what makes her look stand out. When searching for a dress, find any dress with a bubble hem with floral detail and then just turn on your inner rock star and accessorize accordingly.

dress like taylor momsen - rocker look

Chiffon Look
I love love love this dress on Taylor. It's girly and sweet as far as the way it's cut, but it's totally gothic in the color and the way she accessorized this dress with layers of chain necklaces. I had a hard time finding the blue and black chiffon dress, but I found a lot of chiffon dresses that gave that same feel. It is very figure friendly and totally adorable to wear on an evening out with friends. I just love how the dress is lightweight and flowy and the accessories anchor the dress and it gives it more depth. Stylish, sassy, AND comfortable? Where do I sign?

dress like taylor momsen - chiffon look

Casual Look
This is a look you can pull off whether you're running errands, lounging at home or shopping at the mall. Every girl needs a stylish casual look. Even when Taylor Momsen isn't rocking the red carpet in gowns and girly dresses, she still finds her inner girly with this blazer. Notice her white blazer has subtle girly pleating around the neckline. Then what does she do? Pair it with ripped/shredded/destroyed/torn jeans and platform heels. With all the rips and other details, keeping the tee shirt a simple gray and accessorizing with one rosary necklace on top of one simple silver chain makes this look stylish and doable. So you see, even Taylor's comfortable look has the same formula. Girly+Rocker=Taylor's style.

Tdress like taylor momsen - casual look

Rebellious/Grungy/Punk Look
I feel like I'm repeating myself, but here it is again! Even Taylor's grungy rebellious look is using the same formula. She is wearing a flannel dress with stocking, a leather jacket and lace up boots. Flannel, gingham and plaid were huge this past year. Wearing it as a dress is super girly and pairing it with black leather or black stockings is girly meets edgy. I found a lot of gingham/flannel dresses in my quest to replicate this look. I just love how one or two simple pieces can really define a person's style. Fashion isn't hard, you just have to take risks and have fun with it!

dress like taylor momsen - punk grunge look

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