How to Dress like Vanessa Hudgens

August 2, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


I really don't know how or why I haven't written about this girl earlier! Vanessa Hudgens is adorable and she definitely has her own style. With that hot man candy on her arm, Zac Efron is the perfect accessory to her outfit every time. Vanessa's style is comfortable, casual, and flirty. Her outfits seem to be all about being multifunctional. And during this economy, it would certainly benefit you to get some tips from Vanessa's style. Let's break down a couple of simple outfits to replicate Vanessa Hudgens' look.

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Casual Look
This look is great for running errands, hanging out with friends, lounging around, or shopping on weekends. It's just a pair of skinny jeans, with a white bohemian top (very figure flattering), cute empire sandals, a motorcycle bag, and a splash of color with a light purple scarf. Such an easy and inexpensive look to replicate! What I love about these pieces is that they can also be used in different ways with different outfits. For example, you can wear black pants instead of jeans and throw on a blazer and be stylish for work. Or maybe you can wear tights instead of the jeans for more comfort. Just make sure the white shirt is long enough to cover your booty. Otherwise, hello wedgy city. But my point is, this look is so simple and can be easily incorporated into many other outfits in your wardrobe.

Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens - Casual Look


Business Look
Depending on your dress code for work, this might be a cute choice for the office. It's a one piece tank dress with a thick black belt. If you aren't able to wear sleeveless tops to work, you can always throw on a bright yellow cropped cardigan for added color and pizazz. Not only is this dress uber comfortable, it's cute and flirty. Vanessa elongated herself with a long gold necklace and threw on some white wedges that are great for the summer. BTW, wedges are also great for the office because they give ya a little more support and are much more comfortable. Again, this tank dress can also be worn for a more casual look. Buy one dress for the use of many occasions is always a winner in my book!

Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens - Work Look


Dressy Look
Who says that when you get all dressed up, you have be in a tight dress and be uncomfortable all day and night? Wrong! Take for example Vanessa in this white dress with blouson sleeves. This dress is forgiving on the waistline and the main focus is legs legs legs! Simple accessories like a long gold necklace, gold bangles, and zebra shoes complete this stylish look for any dressier occasion. Whether you wanna feel a little more stylish during the day or going out at night, this dress will look good on most body types. I also love white dresses on dark haired girls. Love the contrast.

Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens - Dressy Look


Going Out Look
Most of the time Vanessa sports more of a bohemian girly style, but here with her leather jacket, she proves she can still pull off a little rocker flair. I love how Vanessa paired such a girly black polka dot, ruffled, chiffon dress with the leather jacket and it totally works. And the double ankle strapped pointed toe pumps? Uhm...yumersville! Love it love it love it! Again, this dress can be worn as a daytime dressy look, to a daytime party or weekend gathering and still be adorable. You can use these shoes for work or going out at night. And what about the leather jacket? Well, throw it on any outfit to give you a little more flair. One outfit, multiple uses for different occasions. Winner!

Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens - Going Out Look


3 Responses to “How to Dress like Vanessa Hudgens”
  1. ronna says:

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  2. churiya says:

    i really like Vanessa dress !it was cool , hot ,sexy!

  3. Majo says:

    Im not crazy about her.. BUT she really knows how to look good!!!

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