Lauren Conrad Clothing Line At Kohls – Favorites Picks

March 19, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


Let's face it, she is a fashionista, a trend setter, a #1 New York Times bestselling Author. Ah yes, after Lauren Conrad left the Hills, she has been doing her own thing and doing it right. Everyone loves her cute girl next door and seemingly approachable personality and her simple yet classy style. Lauren Conrad had a fashion line before that didn't do so well, but she's now refocusing her clothing line to the average buyer. No longer will you find ridiculously priced items that can easily be found at Forever 21. Lauren Conrad's clothing line can now be found at Kohls. A couple years ago, celebrities were all about high end. But with the current economical climate, they need to re-evaluate their target market and lower their prices.

If you like Lauren's style, you can actually buy Lauren Conrad pieces for very cheap. If you want her look to inspire you to find similar pieces, check out my How to Dress Like Lauren Conrad post. Either way, her style is super easy to duplicate and you can find really good deals for her look. Here are some of my top picks from her line:

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