Punk Fashion Tips – 3 Styles to Perfecting the Modern Punk Look

July 25, 2010 by Kristine   | Filed under Style & Trends


Fashionistas are going ga-ga over punk! Vivienne Westwood, Ed Hardy, Marc Jacobs and Betsy Johnson are some of the famous names taking the fashion world by storm. Their unique take of punk-contemporary designs made them huge household names for this generation. Are you at a loss where to start with this fashion scheme? Below are some quick punk fashion tips for beginners:

1. Sexy Punk: Let’s recreate the 80’s gothic punk with modern sexy punk. Usually a white or black oversized top would be a safe choice. Most shirt designs are studded with metal links or chains to give a subtle punk look. Ripped jeans or skinny jeans may be paired with black, red or white pumps, wedges or boots. Metal earrings and leather cuffs compliments the overall get-up.

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2. Glamorous Punk: More designers are now following this trend. Applicable punk fashion tips under this category can only be summarized with one word: Bling. Rhinestone earrings, necklaces, gothic pumps, wedges and a headdress will do wonders to a simple black dress. Take a small purse with intricate details like ruffles, stones and chains. Out of for a corporate gathering? Take this punk overhaul and make a hot statement!

3. Emo Punk: Emo punk is a widely used fashion statement for the younger generation. Irregular sideway hair lengths are the most basic emo hairstyle. Plain cuffs, black shirts, dark eyeliners and black nair polish are usually sported to achieve this look. Don on some sneakers and you’re good to go!

For men’s casual punk attire, go for shoes like Converse, Vans, DCs and the likes. For women, belts make a great accessory for slightly bigger torsos. And lastly, own the look. Your best accessory is your confidence!

These are just some of the basic punk fashion tips you’ll need to help you get started. The flexibility of contemporary casual to glam punk fashion created quite a buzz from everyday individuals, teenagers and reached as far as Hollywood. Just think of leather, metal studs and belts and a pair of edgy shoes. Make your own style standout from the rest!


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  1. Elana says:

    Thanks for sharing! I definitely love the sexy punk look. Edginess mixed with femininity is always hot.

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