Replicate Beyonce's 2009 BET Red Carpet Look

June 30, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


replicate Beyonce Knowles 2009 BET Awards dress

Some people loved Beyonce's 2009 BET Awards Red Carpet dress, while others like Perez Hilton said it looked like a tacky cocktail dress. If you're on the "love it" side, I found some similar dresses that would be great for an evening event, daytime outing with friends or just something trendy and colorful to go to lunch in. These short long sleeved dresses are great colors for summer, and figure friendly.

Beyonce also accessorized her outfit with a pair of green hoop earrings. To replicate this look, I recommend turquoise jewelry -- it will pop any outfit and goes well with any color:

beyonce knowles 2009 BET Awards purple heels

As for the shoes, it is hard to find Beyonce's ultra unique t-strap beaded platform heels. So until they come out with direct replicas or knock offs, here are some beaded sandals that are great foot jewelry for the summer and add interest to any outfit:


2 Responses to “Replicate Beyonce's 2009 BET Red Carpet Look”
  1. thais says:

    Essa mulher é tdo de bom,linda maravilhosa e talentosa,um dia qro ser como ela.kkkk tddddoooo!

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