Replicate Lady Gaga's Most Recent Look

April 24, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


Lady Gaga at her friend and fellow singer Mika's house in London. Photo by WENN.

World Entertainment News Network recently posted this photo of Lady Gaga at her friend and fellow singer Mika's house in London. Here, she's sporting a wide rimmed hat flipped upwards, her body suit with what appears to be a blazer on top, a black bra, a wide black leather belt, fishnet nude stockings, and crazy thigh high laced up tan boots. Her other accessories include an umbrella where it was neither raining or sunny, a black clutch, huge square sunglasses, and black lipstick....she is fashion candy isn't she? I seriously don't know who else could pull this off. It's as if she's going to a Gothic/Rocker Kentucky Derby. Even if you weren't really into this look, you would have to appreciate all the work that not only goes into putting it together, but wearing it all over town. She uses the streets as her runway and chooses fashion over comfort any day and that's why she is the fashion gift that keeps on giving.

But, let's take it down a couple notches. We wouldn't ever really wear anything right off the runway or right off of Lady Gaga. So, let's interpret this outfit shall we?

replicate lady gaga

  1. Tatiana Woven Blazer - $14.80
  2. Sleek Satin Short - $13.80
  3. Lace Sateen Convertible Bra - $8.80
  4. Fishnet Stockings - $3.67
  5. Lace Up Thigh High Boots - from $59.99
  6. Christys' Crown Brim Hat - $74.00
  7. Avatar Sunglasses - $5.18
  8. Elastic Corset - from $9.99
  9. Python Clutch - $14.99

Instead of doing all black, you can pop some color into your bra, the hat, or the clutch. Depending on the occasion, you can even go bold with red patent leather boots or even white boots. If you don't want to do the blazer, a black jumpsuit short would work well with this look also.  Be sure to add a chunky corset belt to finish off the look!


2 Responses to “Replicate Lady Gaga's Most Recent Look”
  1. MizzJ says:

    Imagine if Lady GaGa and Kanye got together, they would be the ultimate fashion celeb couple! I dig her style but it’s definitely out there. This interpretation is great and so cheap too.

  2. Lady Gaga kind of scares me :) A friend of mine wore shorts like those with a pair of gray ombre stilettos, looked amazing, sexy and chic.

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