Super Crazy High Heel Shoes That Defy Gravity

March 11, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


nina ricci high heels

During a spring 2009 runway show, Nina Ricci (design house based out of Paris) had her models strut...or painfully tip toe themselves down the runway in these ridiculously high platform shoes.  This looks more like a work of art than something that is actually meant to be worn.  These booties have a huge platform in the front and no heel in the back.  If there was a heel, it wasn't touching the ground.  Surprisingly, none of the models fell and the heels were a success.  These heels added 11" more to the models already very tall height!  All I have to say is, I'm getting married to a guy that is 6'2" and I'm 4'11"....where can I purchase this...immediately?  Sure it doesn't look wearable at all, but to be a foot taller, I'd practice.

So, until they decide to ever release such styles, I browsed through some of Nina Ricci's other shoes and found some absolutely hot ones!  Here are my top picks, including links to some similarly inspired ones.
nina ricci purplse high heels
These purple platform booties are hot and easy to be inspired by.  You can rock it with jeans or go very Carrie Bradshaw and pair it with a dress or jumpsuit to add that extra punch to your outfit.

nina ricci white high heels
These booties are feminine with the ruffles like a blouse, yet masculine with the buttons and striped trim.  It was very hard to find something similar to this classic 18th Century European design.  Wear this to work or with a special occasion dress.

nina ricci yellow high heel shoes
I love these pumps because of the vibrant color and the extra added detail in the heel.  I actually bought a pair of shoes similar to these at aldo shoes.  I always get compliments because of the heel!  These bright 80s colors are the ultimate craze right now and we should embrace it while it lasts!

nina ricci
We are used to seeing these pleated shoes.  But these Nina Ricci's are, "oh so classy".  It reminds me of Marisa Tomei's Oscar gown this year and I love it!  Sport it with a clean tailored look at work.  You'll be sure to turn heads!
nina ricci boots
Could these be any hotter?  It's like getting 4 styles in one.  Pumps, booties, boots, and the added accent of the heels make these shoes so versatile and so much fun!  There is nothing like this.  The only ones I could find that would be remotely the same, are the more exotic dancer inspired.

You guys will be the first to know when and where I find 11" heels.  Until then, my 5" heels will have to do.


3 Responses to “Super Crazy High Heel Shoes That Defy Gravity”
  1. Rayne Carlson says:

    All of the shoes are cute! I would so were any of those! Even the ones with no heels! They are just so cute! The sparkly purple ones are very pretty!Also love the very last shoes at the bottom! Very sexy and elegant to me! Okay all of you peeps are all awesome for making these beautiful shoes! You are all very awesome to me! Thank you very much! I will buy these shoes no matter how much they cost! Bye Bye!

  2. emma jordan says:

    omg.! i want a pair of them

  3. Kahmei GaGa says:

    Oh My Fucking God I Need a pair of these shoes

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