The Right Jeans For Wider Hips

March 2, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Style & Trends


Alright girls, I've consulted my denim specialist from Gap and she's given me some good tips to share with everyone. If you've been blessed with a J.Lo booty and then some, or have wider hips, do not stuff them in mom jeans. Mom jeans are high waisted and never looked good on anyone. If you have a curvier shape below your waist, always go for a low rise. Otherwise, if you have wider hips and you go high rise, there will be a lot of denim that contours around your hips, drawing more attention to the area.  If you go with a low rise, the jeans start lower, cutting your hips in half. My friend also suggested trying the Long and Lean or the Curvy from Gap:

Gap at ShopStyle

Long and Lean - Sits low at contoured waist, relaxed at the hips and thighs, allowing you more room. Recommended if you're just slightly wider at the hips (not quite J.Lo status).

Gap at ShopStyle

Curvy - Sits low at waist and curvy through hips and thighs. Thay way, you won't feel like a sausage because you're overstuffed.

faded butt jeansIf you're the usual fan of boot cut and flare jeans, those work just as well, especially if they're a low rise. The only difference between boot cut and the long & lean or curvy is the extra room in the hips and thigh area.

As far as the wash goes, always go for a continuous dark wash or a very semi destructed wash. Otherwise, if you have bigger thighs, it will draw attention to unwanted areas. You don't want jeans that are dark with a big faded area on both thighs...or worse, right on your butt. Keep it simple.


8 Responses to “The Right Jeans For Wider Hips”
  1. Eyeliah says:

    I just went to every store that carries Jeans on Robson; Banana Republic, Levis, Below the Belt, Zara, Dynamite, Off the Wall and tried on a bigillion jeans with no purchase made. Everything but The Gap, and you are so right and I will go there next!

  2. lisa says:

    I heart dark wash denim.

  3. starfashion says:

    totally agree with you, dark wash, wider leg opening and low rise. My sister has this type of shape and I have been telling her for years that this is the way to go…

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