Tricks for Removing Stains!

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I recently found this in an H&M Magazine and thought it was so necessary!

It has happened to everyone! Some more than others, but is HAS happened to you at least once! You're lunching with the ladies, you're at a dinner party, you're at a new years bash, you're at a place where you took 2 hours to get ready and you're looking fabulous, spill wine on yourself, your drunk girlfriend gets lipstick on your dress, that rowdy guy who was in the corner 2 hours ago gets out of hand and spills beer on you....what do you do!? No need to fear, here are a few tips to maintain your fabulousness.

Red Wine:
Hand wash with Club soda - The salt in the soda absorbs the stain while the bubbles lift it! No muss, no Fuss!

Always drink and stain responsibly!

White Wine:
Rinse in cold water or in boiling milk!

Scrape as much as you can off with a butter knife or a credit card, daub it with a wet wipe then rinse with hot water to remove the oils.

Coffee and Tea:
Daub it with white wine vinegar and then rinse.

Make up:
Sponge it off with a piece of white bread!

Rinse in cold soapy water or grab some pure vodka and daub it off.

Rub in cornstarch and leave for at least 20 minutes. Brush off with a dry towel. Repeat if necessary. This works best for silk and wool. If you can take the item home and wash it, pretreat it with citrus oil. Gall soap is another solution.

Comes out right away if you pour boiling water on the stain.

Source: H&M winter 08/09, "The Holiday Issue"


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  1. Pam says:

    As wierd as it sounds, I use FABREEZE air freshener for carpet stain removal. Works on most new and old stains. Just spray it on and let set for a few seconds and rub with a rag. Stain virtually disappears. I found this out when I sprayed it on some pet urine and the carpet came cleaned, smells nice too.

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