Acne Help for Teenagers

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acne help for teenagersAcne is undoubtedly the most common skin complaint in teenagers. A bad skin condition at any level needs to be treated by an experienced dermatologist. Acne can get moderate to severe in teenagers if it remains untreated. And, the scars which are caused by acne will also result in an emotional hurting and distress in social situations. Following are some tips for teenagers to avoid acne.

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According to dermatologists, diet plays a chief role in how your skin performs. Consumption of a balanced diet is a must for all your body functions to perform nicely. An old saying "you are what you eat" is proved to be absolutely true when it comes to skin condition.

Even if a few researches disapprove that diet affects skin, it will be a good idea to avoid eating oily foods, sweets, chocolates and French fries etc should be avoided in order to keep your acne in control.

To drink large quantity of fluids is tremendously essential for a healthy looking skin. Water is extremely important for the absorption and digestion of foodstuff. Water is also in charge of carrying several nutrients to the skin and removes different sort of wastes from the cells, and maintains body temperature at a normal level.

Washing your face at least two times in a day with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser will eradicate dead skin cells and unnecessary oils from the skin. It is highly advisable to avoid scrubbing your skin harshly. By scrubbing your skin hard would not help your skin but it will in reality aggravate the skin and can actually result in inflammation of your acne.

It is highly recommended to eat a low-fat diet if you want to get a glowing and healthy skin. Consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables is highly effective as they are full of antioxidants which are essential to maintain your skin’s suppleness and proper nourishment.

Regular exercise/ aerobics with a healthy diet will increase the supply of blood to the skin. An increased supply of blood to the skin surface will not only result in the emergence of a healthy radiance on the skin, but it will help to purify your blood and protects you from various diseases.

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  1. Retromus-ik says:

    Heya! Thanks for this article, I’ve been having acne since I’m 12; im now 21. It’s improved since my teenage years, but I have oily skin, which basically sucks and makes me even more prone to getting clogged pores even though I wash my face twice a day. I’ve tried anti-biotics, pro-active, and a bunch of other products, eat a lot of fruits, exercise. Nothing seems to work for me in the long run. It’s mostly in my chin area. I’m going to the dem on tuesday, and I’m thinking about accutane…my face isnt “that bad” as one dem told me. But it is for me.

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