Does it Pay to Splurge on your Bra?

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It seems like they've got you thinking that paying at least $50 for a bra is the only way you'll get the support you need. Well, I was reading ShopSmart magazine (go out and get this magazine, some really great tips in here!) and came across this article where they compared 3 bras, high end to low end, to see which one was the best quality. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

La Perla VintageLa Perla Vintage
For the high price tag of over $100, you get top-quality materials, nicely contoured cups, and a flexible, well-padded underwire that won't cut into your skin. But this bra didn't hold up well to even gentle hand washing. After three washes, the elastic material in the back of the bra twisted and curled up, and the stitching on the straps puckered. Yikes! For over $100, what a jip!


Victoria’s Secret IPEX demiVictoria's Secret IPEX demi
At around $45, this mid priced ranged bra has cozy fabric and pads that provide coverage without bulk. But the fabric around the underwire is thinner than the other bras we looked at, so the wire may pinch. The strap stitching was flimsy. Also, the straps curled and the poor cut of the fabric on the sides caused the bra to pucker in the wash. Maybe Victoria's Secret isn't a very good one!


targetbraGilligan & O'Malley BEST DEAL!!!
This bra (sold at target) had better cup molding than the Victoria's Secret bra, and the underwire was flexible and well-padded, so it won't pinch or poke. It also held up better after several washes than the other bras. Given the price of only $11, this was by far the best deal! 

After reading this, I immediately went to Target to try out this "Gilligan & O'Malley" brand. For me personally, it gives me the comfort and support I need! I usually spring $60 for the Felina Bra at Nordstrom, but I noticed after a few washes it looses its support. I've been trying out this Gilligan & O'Malley bra now for awhile and after several washes, it still holds it's shape! Definitely recommend you try it out, I love it!

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Source: ShopSmart Magazine May 2008

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