How to Dress Like Rihanna

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Rihanna's style reminds me a lot of Lady Gaga's. Her style is unique, powerful and sexy. She is a trendsetter and always exudes confidence whether on the red carpet or going out to lunch with some friends. She hardly wears something that I don't understand. You know when someone puts something on and you think to yourself, "I don't get it. What made them think this is ok?" Yea well, not Rihanna. Not in most cases at least. There are a few outfits that may be a little wackier, but I can always be inspired by her look. That's why I am celebrating her style and showing you how to replicate her look at any budget.

Rihanna in all Black
Who says all black is boring? When you add something as over the top as this very ruffled top, add the belt, pair it with the liquid leggings and finish it off with lace up knee high boots, no one will be snoozing over your look. Of course, most of us are not on the red carpet holding little awards and being judge for our style. So I took this look and toned it down enough for everyday wear, but spicy enough to express your own spunk. This look is cute, fun and great for a going out look without being uncomfortable.

how to dress like rihanna in black

  1. Deena & Ozzy Military Hat
  2. Black Large Silver Buckle Stretch Belt
  3. Black Plunder Buckle Strap Boot
  4. Short Liquid Leggings
  5. Ruffle Soutache Top

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Rihanna in Feathers
This dress is just absolutely gorgeous and without a doubt, it is probably couture and cost as much as a year's salary. However, you can capture the essence of this silver strapless feather detailed dress for a special occasion for fractions of the price. Am I starting to sound like a commercial yet? That's only because I was so excited to stumble upon so many dresses with that same look that is great for prom, or a dressy evening out on the town. I did the research, now all you have to do is try it on!
how to dress like rihanna feathers look

  1. Ivory Strapless Feather
  2. Sue Wong Strapless
  3. Ivory Halter Mini
  4. Black Feather Cocktail
  5. Yves Saint Laurent Cage ankle boots
  6. Gryphon The Feather Dress
  7. Boutique 9 Isha Pointy-Toe Platform

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Rihanna in Bold Colors
This dress is adorable! It's just a daytime dress made of a rayon fabric. The boldness comes in the pattern and color and the chunky belt offsets the lightness of the fabric and accentuates your waistline. The higher up you place that belt, the more you draw attention to your bustline as well. You can pair it with simple shoes like Rihanna's or something chunkier if you want to balance the belt. Add an extra splash of color with your clutch and voila! You're off to lunch with your girlfriends or spending a Saturday afternoon shopping at LA's most high end boutiques!
how to dress like Rihanna bold colors look

  1. Silk Explosive Floral

  2. Studded Wide Elastic Belt
  3. Lodis Checkbook Clutch
  4. Crinkle T-Strap Platforms

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6 Responses to “How to Dress Like Rihanna”
  1. savvymode says:

    i have the hardest time getting myself into liquid legging… : )

  2. tanya says:

    I love this–especially that feather outfit, so sexy!!

  3. Jhen says:

    Rihanna’s petite, sexy body fits in just about anything. The printed colored dress make her look short though.

  4. emma says: sells sue wong ostrich feather dress in ivory, orchid,fushia, and black. The price is at $510. It’s cheaper than other stores.

  5. Sabrina says:

    Wow I love Rihanna’s feather dress…do you know who the designer is?

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