Replicate Kim Kardashian's Looks For Less

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You don't always have to be tall and toothpick thin to be hot hot hot. Kim Kardashian is only 5'3", with a very bodacious body and very sexy style. I thought she looked so good at the 2009 Kentucky Derby! So, I want to show you guys how you can replicate her look at an affordable price.


The Casual Look
Usually it's hard to wear an everyday look that is comfortable and makes a statement. The Bohemian look is very good for this. It's loose fitting and the patterns and accessories are fun and make an impact. Since it's practically summertime and the weather is so beautiful out, I thought I'd interpret this look more for summer.
replicate kim kardashian's casual look

  1. Pleated Batik Top - $22.99
  2. Funky Fringe Sandals - $24.80
  3. Butterfly Ring - $4.00
  4. Beaded Chain Necklace - $6.99
  5. Hydraulic Destroyed Shorts - $28.99


2009 Kentucky Derby
As mentioned, I loved her style on the red carpet at the 2009 Kentucky Derby. So of course I had to replicate this one!


  1. A-line pintuck dress - $49.99
  2. Black Evening Gloves
  3. Victorian Derby Hat
  4. Quilted Rhinestone Sunglasses - $5.99


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  1. I really love Kim and she’s the best.

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