Swimsuits that Flatter Your Figure Based on Your Body Shape

July 12, 2010 by Kristine   | Filed under Tips


Most women are lost to the idea of finding the perfect swimsuit to flatter their curves. Today's latest trends aren’t always the best for your figure. Get the best swimsuits that flatter your figure and be on the know!

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Swimsuit tip # 1: Faceshape and neckline
The shape of your face and neck should determine the neckline depth of your swimsuit. Deeper necklines are more suited for those with round, square or triangular face shapes. Oblong or diamond shaped faces should go for swimsuits with U or boat necklines. Longer necks should go for U or boat necklines, while shorter and thicker necks should go for V-necklines.

Swimsuit tip # 2: Hourglass body shape
Your goal is to emphasize your waist. Choose two-piece swimsuits that flatter your figure by using dark-colors and dramatic prints that draw attention to your waist. Choose horizontal patterns on the top and bottom to make your waist look slimmer.

Swimsuit tip # 3: Apple and pear body shape
Finding swimsuits that flatter your figure for those lost cost levitra with pear or apple body shapes might be difficult. For apple body shapes, create an illusion of a thin waistline by emphasizing your chest with plunging or deep V-necklines. Afraid of tummy bulges? Go for fitting tankinis or swimsuits to keep the flabs from “pouring-out”.

Pear shaped body types should draw attention to their chest or hips portion. In order for swimsuits that flatter your figure, go for horizontal prints or stripes to emphasize your chest area. Sequins, ruffles and light colors should balance the whole look of your body.

These are just some of the swimsuits that flatter your figure. You need to love your body just the way it is. Taking expensive gym fees and long hours of workouts just to get the “Pamela-Anderson-hot-bikini” body might be overly stressful. Just walk out with confidence and make all the boys stare with your sexy swimsuit!

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